Non Mom??

I am so mad I could just scream over something I read on Mary Mia’s blog. Teleflora, a flower delivery service:, is running a contest- America’s Favorite Mom.
On the page that lists the semi-finalists for the contest they have broken down the moms into different categories: military mom, single mom, etc. But do you know what they called the category for stepmom’s, grandparents raising their grandchildren, and adoptive mom’s? The NON-MOM Mom’s. NON MOM!!! One of my dear friends is mom to her biological child and her husband’s child from his first marriage and you NEVER hear her call her daughter her step daughter. That is her daughter through and through. The love is the same. And I dare anyone to call anyone who adopts a NON MOM. Again, the love, the work, the time, the everything is the same.

Apparently other people saw this too and complained and Teleflora then changed the name of the category to “Adopting Mom”. But why is it still a separate category? Why aren’t these moms in the same category as moms who gave birth? UGH.

I will never give them a cent of my money. Here is how the page was originally:
Click here to see it in a larger size:
And here is the changed page:

I’m going to hang out on my soap box long enough to send this to everyone in my email address book. Non Mom, puhlease!

techno geek


SO much to tell you. The trip to FLA, Mother’s Day, etc. But first please know that my cell phone died Thursday night/Friday morning. When I was putting it in my purse Friday morning before we left I noticed it didn’t charge even though it was plugged in all Thurs night. Then it wouldn’t charge in the car. Then the little socket thingy fell out. So now I can’t charge it no matter what I do. I’m so bummed. I love my Blackberry and had planned on using it until iPhones came down in price to a human level. So I have to get a new phone this week. If you’ve called me at all since Thursday night I don’t know it unless you called the house. RIP B. Berry.