Non Mom??

I am so mad I could just scream over something I read on Mary Mia’s blog. Teleflora, a flower delivery service:, is running a contest- America’s Favorite Mom.
On the page that lists the semi-finalists for the contest they have broken down the moms into different categories: military mom, single mom, etc. But do you know what they called the category for stepmom’s, grandparents raising their grandchildren, and adoptive mom’s? The NON-MOM Mom’s. NON MOM!!! One of my dear friends is mom to her biological child and her husband’s child from his first marriage and you NEVER hear her call her daughter her step daughter. That is her daughter through and through. The love is the same. And I dare anyone to call anyone who adopts a NON MOM. Again, the love, the work, the time, the everything is the same.

Apparently other people saw this too and complained and Teleflora then changed the name of the category to “Adopting Mom”. But why is it still a separate category? Why aren’t these moms in the same category as moms who gave birth? UGH.

I will never give them a cent of my money. Here is how the page was originally:
Click here to see it in a larger size:
And here is the changed page:

I’m going to hang out on my soap box long enough to send this to everyone in my email address book. Non Mom, puhlease!

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  1. Oh, this got me going all day yesterday. I was so mad….

    Crack addicts who buy drugs instead of food for thier kids, alcoholics who spend all their time at a bar instead of with their kids, teenagers that throw their newborns in the trash instead of fessing up that they were pregnant…..THESE are NON-Mom’s IMO not adoptive parents who go through so much to get their children and cherish everyday we have with them.

    If the president/owner of teleflora really is an adoptive parent, (first I HOPE they did not know of this catagory)I hope A LOT of people are out of a job today. That was so insulting it’s not even funny.

    Ok, now I am off my soap box.


  2. That’s really crazy. I don’t think that they should have separated moms into categories like that. It’s just asking for trouble. 😦


  3. I heard about this. How ridiculous. I don’t know what idiot wrote it in the first place but I can’t imagine how that made it past any other sets of eyes w/o being changed. Incredible in this day and age.


  4. The steam is flowing man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know the last time I was so angry at a company!! A NON-MOM MOM!?!?!?!??! I would like to challenge anyone at that company to go through what an adoptive mom does. It is hardly “non-mom” kind of stuff. We are no different than any other woman out there that has given birth. It makes me sad for my daughter that if I am being “categorized” like this, what will she have to face. We are so tolerant and accepting of people of different race, sexual orientation, etc. and this is just absolutely horrifying. I will never support this company for the rest of my life. Thanks for bringing this out!


  5. Okay, I can see a seperate category for step moms*, since they did break the categories down to include things like “miltary moms” which is pretty specfic and a lot of people don’t mind the term and in many cases haven’t actually adopted the kids, but to seperate the adoptive moms is just awful. They certianly fit into the rest of the mom-mom categories!

    *And maybe foster moms, since they are being so specific?


  6. Ironically, the woman who won the Adopting Mom category has never adopted children – she places them in the States from Haiti for adoption. She is a facilitator, not an “Adopting Mom.” It was only child, her daughter, who nominated her. Obviously, her work with orphans is wonderful and admirable, but she hasn’t adopted any of the children herself, so how is she even an adopting mom?


  7. Why on EARTH would you catgorize Moms in the first place? I hope someone or several someones got their butts chewed out and lost their jobs over this. Probably not. Probably they work with the crazy Paula Abdul theory that all plubicity is good. Morons.

    A Non Mom huh? Well than, can I get a sub in to clean her diapers, wipe her nose for the 40th time today, and get up at 2 in the morning because she’s coughing and I want to be sure she is ok and warm enough? A Non Mom my ass. WTF?


  8. I posted this on my blog too. I have never been so angry and hurt.
    And, yeah, changing it to “adoptive mom” didn’t warm my heart either.
    My bio. son calls me “mom”. My adopted daughter calls me mommy, not “adoptive mommy”.

    I did get a comment on my blog from someone who works for Teleflora. Typical BS….
    Don’t know how they found my blog, but they did.
    I also emailed the company.

    It just appals me that anyone can think any mom is a NON mom. And obviously there are many people that think that since it actually got that far along in the company. It’s just so sad.

    There’s just idiots everywhere, what can I say?


  9. Thanks for commenting on our blog. DH and I been thinking of just ignoring this topic as it is another sad case of ignorance (can I say stupidity?). Well, you all got us to add our thoughts too.

    Alyson LID 01/27/06


  10. That is insane! Why on Earth would anyone want to breakdown the different moms out there? I mean come on we are all moms, no matter if I adopted a child or was a step mom to a child. This is just silly.


  11. wow… what jerks… you are 100% right… and they will never get my mney either!


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