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SO much to tell you. The trip to FLA, Mother’s Day, etc. But first please know that my cell phone died Thursday night/Friday morning. When I was putting it in my purse Friday morning before we left I noticed it didn’t charge even though it was plugged in all Thurs night. Then it wouldn’t charge in the car. Then the little socket thingy fell out. So now I can’t charge it no matter what I do. I’m so bummed. I love my Blackberry and had planned on using it until iPhones came down in price to a human level. So I have to get a new phone this week. If you’ve called me at all since Thursday night I don’t know it unless you called the house. RIP B. Berry.

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  1. Bummer … I am so lost w/o my mobile. Hope you find a good (reasonably priced) alternative. I have an HTC Mogul which is pretty good … tho the sucker can’t hold much of a charge. I got it for $60. Not bad.


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