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Retail junkies

Well, I thought I uploaded my pics from dinner the other night with the family for Gmommy’s bday, and even though the program deleted them off my camera, they did not save into iPhoto. So…that kinda sucks. But we had a good time. We ate at Ruby Tuesday. CSP and I were talking about the name Ruby Tuesday and I coulda sworn it was a Beatles’ song, but apparently it was a Rolling Stones’ song. After dinner CSP & I went back to Papa & Gigi’s so I could help Papa get set up with his new external hard drive.

We stopped by a new Bloom store on the way home. It was just built a few months in our old neighborhood. It was so nice. We are such grocery store nerds. But what do you expect? I worked in various grocery stores for over 10 years and CSP has worked at his for almost 18! We’ll even check out grocery stores while we’re on vacation. And when we travel there are certain items we pick up at those stores. Like I’m going to Baltimore for Memorial Day weekend and CSP has already put in his order for Tasty Kakes!