Infectious diseases & birthdays & pugs- oh my!

I’m really tired of being cooped up. More tired of being on these funky meds. They make my head all swimmy (like I’m right in the middle of a big night of margarita drinking) and my hands are all shaky. Which sucks, cause I was hoping I could get some projects done (painting & jewelry) while being trapped indoors but it’s not working out. I need a steady hand for both. I’m not even able to get too caught up on blog reading as I can only seem to sit at the computer for 10-15 minutes at a time before my head starts throbbing. UGH. On to other things…

I have been enjoying the new show Miss Guided. Love Judy Greer. I’ve also been wearing Netflix out. I finished Season 1 of The Tudors & saw Enchanted. I watched the first disc of Season 1 of Dexter but just couldn’t get into it. I know I probably just lost some hipster cool points there (cause a wheezy housewife hopped up on the roids is THE epitome of hipster cool).

I did manage to make a no sew fleece blanket for CSP with his new Vikings fleece. I made one of those no sew fleece blankets for CSP I hope he likes it. I made it today while he was at work and he hasn’t seen it yet. He picked out the fleece, but he thought it was fine the way it was. Just a long piece of fleece. I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

My illness & lockdown situation may prove to be a problem this weekend. Morgan turns 18 next week and we had planned on celebrating Saturday. And Jacob turns 5 on Sunday. There’s a party at his crib, yo. I doubt my doctor will advise me to go to a birthday party filled with a bajillion kids age 7 and younger running around flinging bacteria. Luckily Jake is still little and will just love having his peeps around. I can always visit when I get better and give him his present then. New Crocs with Sponge Bob Jibbitz. Shhh, don’t tell him. By the way, is it just me or is the chick on the Crocs website Libby from Lost?

The big problem with Morgan’s birthday is that not only do I have pneumonia, but she’s dealing with a case of MRSA! Spot on her leg (probably a shaving nick) started hurting. Then her whole leg hurt. Mom took her to a doctor and he was an ass and unhelpful. So she took Momo to another doctor who knew right off the bat what they were dealing with. Poor thing’s been bandaged up and dealing with shots. Plus she’s been kept out of school & work. Thank goodness my mom followed her gut instinct & went with another doctor! Morgan could have lost her leg! As is she’s going to be dealing with a big scar. I miss her. I hate not being able to go see her. And I’m gonna be really bummed if my doctor puts the kebash (sp?) on me hanging with her Saturday.

The pugs have been keeping me company. Molly & Zoe crack me up. They love each other and are practically joined at the hip. Things will start off all nice and sweet: Plenty of room on Dad's lap for 2 Then next thing you know they are fighting to the death (You’ve GOT to click to enlarge to get a good look at the stink eyes!):Mutual stink eye, mutual foot in mouth It can get intense: Thug pug fighting, right in CSP's lap Then quick as it starts it’s over. They cool off: Zoe & Molly kickin back with their Daddy Then they cuddle up: Cuddled up And life is good again.

11 thoughts on “Infectious diseases & birthdays & pugs- oh my!

  1. Hey, it said at the bottom of the MRSA info that it can also be responsible for ‘a serious form of pneumonia’ . Did you get checked for it too?

  2. MRSA is no laughing matter, so as much as you love Mo, stay far, far away! I hope your sick house blues lighten up, and you’re back on your feet soon.

    I can’t believe Jake is going to be 5! Time flies!

  3. Im with the girls. I did some look ups on MRSA. that is one bad mammajammah. I am doing a little more research on how it is passed though. Seems like the concensus is that as long as you dont lick Mo, youd likely be ok.. especially since you are on meds.. but safe is better than sorry.
    I would stay away from the kids party too.. kids being germy as they are. If it was just the boys, you might be ok. But having a bunch of other germs might be scary.

  4. Aww I hope you get better soon!! Glad your younger sister got a second opinion and is doing better soon! Happy birthday to your little nephew.

  5. Yikes, all kinds of sicknesses. Poor sister. It sucks to be her age and all cooped up. Well, it sucks at any age, but you know what I mean.

    I hope you get better soon!

  6. Feel better whole Shanny family, yeesh. And the stink eyes?! Holy moly they are HILARIOUS!!!!!! I might need to print that one out and hang it by my computer. Love it. (Loved the easter card too, thank you sweetie!)

  7. Oh man..MRSA is NO laughing matter. My oldest had this on his leg and we were told if we had waited another 24 hours he would have died. Then when he got the IV he ended up being allergic to the antibiotics. Poor kid. They sent him to surgery to cut the infection out as best they could then he had PT for quite a while (whirlpool – hot hot water). He’s fine now but has contracted it 4 times since the first time. Please be careful!!

    Hope you get better soon!!


  8. Honest to Pete, Shannon, those pugs are the CUTEST!!!
    I mean, my kids are cute and everything, but sheesh—-they’re no Molly and Zoe! 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon and are able to get OUT of the house. I know that’s a real killer. But at least you have your 2 little pug-meisters to keep you entertained!
    LOVE the stink eye!

  9. ohhhh how cute! Love the puggies!
    now… that blanket… turned out really good!!! But it is ViQueen and well that ruined it… ha kidding… You know now that I know what you got for fleece I will check what different ones they have.

  10. Nice blankie? Did CSP love it when he got home? And I know you want to go to the party but please stay away from the MRSA – not to beat a dead horse, but we all just care about you!

    And yes, your puggies are cute! I love the double-stink-eye action.

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