Day 23 of 30 Days of Thanks- Movies

I’m thankful for the movies.  I love escaping for 2 hours.  I love everything about the movies.  The big, comfy seats, the snacks,  the sounds, being surrounded by people who love the movies too.  I love going to the movies more than renting them, but there’s something to be said for cuddling up in bed with CSP & the pugs and watching a movie in our room.

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DIsney Magic- Day 7

Thursday, February 2, 2012.  Last Sea Day.

I can’t remember exactly when during the trip, but we watched a ton of movies.  Mostly just before bed.  Included in these are Apollo 18,  Puss in Boots, Cowboys & Aliens, and the end of Dolphin Tale.

Today was our last sea day.  I love sea days.  It’s so odd to me that we can be all the way out there in the ocean and see literally NOTHING.  No land, no ships, no nothing. Except if you look closely you can see another cruise ship on the horizon.  Didn’t happen often so when we’d see one we’d try and capture it.   And by the way, I get the best sleep of my life on a cruise ship.  It’s the gentle rocking I think.  Today we slept late, skipped breakfast and went to Lumiere’s for lunch.   CSP had sushi.  I think sushi is so beautiful.  I wish I wanted to eat it!  Ha!  He also had a salmon cake and salmon over risotto.  The man has been putting down some fish!

I had fruit, then a pear/nut salad, and a burger.  CSP ate my fries since they were the big fat ones.  I like skinny fries.   I asked for ketchup and this is what the server gave me.   So cute!  After lunch we went back to the cabin and read books on the balcony.  Then I delivered my Fish Extender gifts.  That took a good while of touring all over the ship.  After a short nap it was time to get ready for dinner and the show. I finished my bottle of wine tonight. SO good.   Thank you Christina!  Tonight’s show was Dreams.  We’ve seen this one before.  It’s really good.   All about believing in your dreams.   After the show we stopped into Diversions so CSP could have a beer.  Diversions is the sports/games bar.  It’s family friendly until 9pm.  They also have a little buffet with nachos and wings on it.  CSP liked the wings.   Tonight was semi formal night.  Minnie was all dressed up again.   It’s so interesting to me what people wear on cruises these days.  When I was 7 I went on my first cruise.  Back then people REALLY dressed for dinner.  And formal and semi-formal nights meant tuxedos and suits and fancy dresses.  Some people on this cruise still fancied up but there were some who wore beach wear into the dining room for dinner!  Disney asks that no flip flops or shorts or beachwear be worn into the nice dining rooms.  I think it makes it more special when you put a little effort into it.

Anyway, tonight’s dinner was at Lumiere’s.    CSP started with oysters rockefeller  while I had some grilled shrimp.   We both enjoyed the wild mushroom soup.  Tonight was lobster night!  We both got the lobster tail with green beans and rice.   CSP also got the sesame seared tuna.  He actually liked the tuna better than the lobster!   It is really pretty!

For dessert CSP had  the tropical sundae and I had the trio- coconut macaroon, amaretto cheesecake, and banana creme brulee.  So yum!

After dinner we went to Rockin Bar B to see the adult show of Buckets N Boards.  Not sure what was adult about it except there were no kids there.  It’s not like they tell dirty jokes or drum more sexily.  ha!  This show was really funny and we had a great time.

Tonight was the late night dessert buffet.  We were really close to the front of the line so I was able to get some pictures before it was picked over.  So gorgeous!

Once we were finished ogling the desserts we went straight to bed.  We were so excited for tomorrow!  Castaway Cay day!

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Movie groupie

I am looking forward to so many movies that are coming out this Spring and Summer!    Most all of them are based on books I’ve read so it makes it that much more exciting.

  • Water for Elephants.  One of my top 10 favorite books of all time.   It’s romantic and has action and is just beautifully written.  Plus it addresses a cause I’m passionate about- animal abuse in circuses.  I have blogged about that a few times.   I hope that going to see this movie will change a few peoples’ minds about going to animal circuses.   I hear that Tai the elephant is amazing in this movie and I love the rest of the cast too.  Christoph Waltz as August?  Genius!
  • Something Borrowed.  I haven’t read this book, but  I need to.  It looks so cute and I love the cast, especially Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski.
  • The Help.  Also in my top 10 books of all time.  If you haven’t read it you REALLY have to.  Like it should be part of school curriculum.   They did a fabulous job casting this movie too.  I adore  Emma Stone.
  • I know this next one isn’t coming out for a while but there has been so much buzz about it I am including it.  The Hunger Games Trilogy.  SQUEEEE!!!  Can. Not. Wait. for this movie!  So far I’m really pleased with the casting here too.  I’m dying to find out who they cast as Haymitch.  I’m hoping for either Robert Downey Jr or Hugh Laurie.  And I really hope Kristen Chenoweth gets in there too.

What other movies should I see this Spring/Summer?  What are you looking forward to?



Remember when we talked about The List?  Well, I have an addendum.  It’s not very often that I need to add someone to The List but I’ve recently developed an almost embarrassing cougar crush so I need to go ahead and make it official.  You know, just in case he shows up at my house and throws himself at me.  Cause there just aren’t enough pretty girls in Hollywood for him to date.  Anyway, I’ve seen this boy around here and there for years but for some reason he didn’t jump out at me until I saw the movie Country Strong. O. M. G.  He drives me to distraction.  Garrett Hedlund.  He’s from Minnesota.  So is CSP.  So maybe I have a thing for Midwestern boys.  Who knew?  All I know is that this boy, and he is SO young, like 26, he has something about him.  His voice.  OMG his voice is so deep and he can sing!  He learned to sing and play the guitar for Country Strong.  And it’s so odd cause I am NOT a fan of smokers or all that straggly hair he had all over his face during the movie but buy the end of it I was like I MUST have that soundtrack so I can swoon over him in the privacy of my own home.   I mean LOOK at him.  Look how he’s staring RIGHT AT ME.  And his smile, it’s pretty dreamy.  I’m all atwitter!

Please don’t tell CSP.  He already picks on me when ads for Jason Statham‘s new movie come on (he’s on the list).  The trailer starts and CSP goes “He’s so dreamy!”.  And he is.  But I have never devoted a blog post to him.  Garrett just flew right up the list to number one.  Although I feel like such an old perv just looking at him!  Anyway, don’t tell CSP or he’ll make me write a retraction like he did a few years ago.  Because, you know, this is the WORLD WIDE WEB.

By the way, the Country Strong soundtrack only has one song that Garrett sings so I need the More Songs from Country Strong soundtrack if anyone’s feeling generous.  I mean, I did just provide you with some serious eye candy.  You’re welcome.

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At the late night double feature picture show

About once a month my friend Christina and I hit up the big AMC 24 movie theatre and take in a double feature.  AMC doesn’t advertise double features, we just make them up ourselves.  We don’t have a lot of time to go out to the movies so we do the double feature and get 2 in one night.  We start out with dinner somewhere then go see our movies.  We usually have about 15-20 minutes between flicks, just enough time to hit the concessions and restrooms.  We still haven’t perfected it yet.  I keep forgetting to smuggle in my water bottle so that costs me at the concession stand.  It can make for a late night so not everyone is up to the double feature.  I know Deb, my Virtual Twin, she loves them and if she lived closer we’d be hitting up the multi-plex.  I’m excited because I hear they are going to build a movie theatre near our house soon!  Then we’ll be able to alternate instead of always going to the same theatre (although our AMC rewards cards are benefitting from it!).  I love movies and I look forward to our double features every month!

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The day I turned 37

On my actual birthday CSP & I slept late then I got a call from Sara.  She was right outside with the boys!   They had flowers Birthday lillies and a handmade birthday card for me. We visited for a couple hours before they left. CSP & I decided to just chill at home that night so we went and picked up Chinese for dinner (YUM) & Kick Ass to watch.  We had a lovely evening watching a great movie cuddled up with the pugs.

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Birthday outing with the girls!

Sunday before my birthday I met up with Gigi, Momo, and Sara for my family birthday celebration.  We all met up at Gigi’s house, left the boys with Papa, and headed out to see Dinner With Schmucks. SO funny!  I really lost it on the “Join her to you” part.  Steve Carell was a riot and I adore Paul Rudd. Who knew Sara was SO loud in a theatre?  She constantly voiced her opinion of the characters to the whole theatre.  I thought it was hilarious but Momo was horrified.  Bahaha!  After the movie we went back to Papa & Gigi’s for birthday dinner.  It was so nice to spend some time with my fam!

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Oh Bee Ex

I’ve just returned from my first trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, or OBX as you’ll see when you visit.  OBX can be found on tshirts, stickers, can coozies.  Each July my family spends a week together either at the mountain house or some other location, usually a beach.  This time we chose the Outer Banks as most of us had never visited.  I was so excited!  I have read Jenny’s yearly trip reports of her visits to OBX (she drives all the way from northern NY!!) and have picked up lots of tips.  I was especially excited to see some of the wild ponies! Continue reading “Oh Bee Ex”

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Girl, you’ll be a woman soon.

Last night against the violent protestations of my sore chest and horrible cough, I met up with Momo for dinner and a movie.  Armed with a bag of Hall’s cough drops I made the drive down.  I left early (don’t be shocked, I am trying to be better with my time management) and stopped off for pug food and gas first.  Thten I met Momo at Charanda, our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I had chicken tortilla soup and it was wonderful.  It was like having dinner with a movie star.  I can’t count all the boys who stopped by our table for Momo hugs.  Then I got hugs when she introduced me as “mi hermana”.  

After dinner we went to see Get Him to The Greek.  I don’t  know what it is about Russell Brand.  He looks like he may be crawling with STDs but there is just something about him that is quite appealing.  Hmmm.  The movie has some really funny parts.  I had a fabulous time as usual with Momo.  She is just so grown up now.  I can barely stand it.  I love that she’s grown up into this gorgeous young woman, but I want her to be 3 years old again!

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Maxed out

CSP & I went to see How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX 3D the other night.  I had already seen this movie in regular 3d for Momo’s birthday and I couldn’t wait to see the difference IMAX would make.  I called the theatre and asked the theatre man what is the difference between regular 3d and IMAX 3d.  Previously my only IMAX experience was at Discovery Place in their dome.  I knew that our local theatre didn’t have a dome so I was really curious how they did this.  The theatre man said that the IMAX screen was 30% larger than the standard cinema screen, that they project with 2 projectors instead of just the one, and that the sound is just amazing.  If you go to our theatre Monday- Thursday it’s only $5.  Then you have to add the 3d charge to it ($5) plus the IMAX charge ($2).  Not cheap, but we don’t do IMAX often. That’s why we planned on going during the week.  If we’d gone on a weekend it would have been like $17 each!

CSP had never seen a 3d movie so this was exciting all around.  I was really curious to see what the difference would be between the 2 movie experiences, but wow, I was blown away! First of all, the sound was amazing!  You could feel the bass all up in your body!  Then the colors!  OMG the colors!  In regular 3d Toothless (who I adore and want as a pet) was black with a little silver.  In IMAX he had green and blue and purple in his scales too.  Gorgeous.  The details were amazing too.  I noticed skin freckles and scars and hairs that I didn’t before.  Fibers in their clothes.  Highlights in their hair. Textures in their clothes and surroundings.  Plus somehow the 3d seemed even more come out and getcha!  The whole thing was just amazing.  Plus CSP loved the movie too.  We had a great time.  For that price seeing an IMAX movie is definitely a special occasion thing.  Unfortunately the 3d gave CSP a headache and he declared himself a 2d man from here on out. Sigh.  Oh well, he does call me a techno geek, and I guess the name fits!