Bones & Stones

Friday Zoe had her monthly check up and shots. I know I’m on lockdown but I had to take her to keep her on schedule & CSP had to work. I didn’t breathe anyone else’s air. Zoe LOVES the vet. More people to love on her. Zoe can't wait for the vet to come in! CSP had been worried that she had a curved spine from sleeping in the crate. I promised him that her sleeping in her crate for 8 hours a night would not cause her spine to curve permanently. But he’s CSP so to make him feel better I had the vet do an xray. Her spine is fine. The xray is super cute. We got to bring home a copy. You can see all the little bones in her little tail. You can also see the rocks she’s been eating. PUNK! Click to enlarge. Zoe's xray Zoe's xrayKiki went too as it was time for her Rabies shot. She’s not so crazy about the vet and hides under my skirt. Zoe & Kiki hiding under my skirt at the vet So the pugs got their shots and I received instructions on how to chop up my pug’s poo to look for the rocks. That they all have to pass within a week or they’d have to go in and get them. FUN! So there I was Easter morning at 6:30 am with Zoe’s first poo of the day. I pretended to be CSI Shanny so I wouldn’t puke. Here’s what I found:

  • 3 white/amber colored rocks
  • 3 black rocks
  • 1 piece of corn
  • 1 piece of carrot
  • 1 orange foam foot
  • 1 piece of blue plastic
  • 5 pieces of charcoal

The foot looked like something you’d use in crafts- not from my house, who knows where she got that. We haven’t eaten corn & carrots or nuts in a looong time. I think she “vacuumed” at the neighbor’s house.Who knew she was a rock eater?!? Now we have to watch her super closely. She’s so close to the ground who knows what she’s doing down there! Oh, and she weighed in at 3.58 pounds. Up one in a month!

10 thoughts on “Bones & Stones

  1. Oh poor baby! When our dog was a puppy she ate something that didn’t pass and on the x-ray it looked to be some type of large marble. They had to surgically remove it and when the vet showed it to us, it was a large glass marble painted to look like an earth that I had gotten my husband for Christmas that year. After that when people would tell us strange things their dogs had eaten we would say “Oh, yeah? Well our dog ate the earth!” Hopefully everything comes out okay. Pun intended!

  2. Woa … she’s got an iron gut. That’s an impressive list. I know we’ve found foil (?!) and string (from chewy toys) in Loki’s bizness … but I can’t bring myself to look very closely.

  3. Oh My….what a eventful Easter Morning you had dissecting PugPoo… yiyiyi…Good thing we love them as much as we do. I could do that for anyone or anything else…

  4. She swollowed Rocks?! Wow! My Rukia is SO picky about anything she puts in her mouth and she eats everything so daintily. (This is complete contrast to Poley, who puts ANYTHING in his mouth). You know I caught Napoleon eating a dryer sheet yesterday? There was this little white papery stuff just slightly hanging out of his mouth and when I started to pull it out, it just kept coming and coming……turns out he had ate almost the entire thing! Gross! It was all wet and slimey…!!! And there are chemicals and stuff on those dryer sheets. Thankfully he was fine. I think he has an iron stomach.

  5. Oh no! Eww.. the things i have pulled out indy’s mouth.. bleh! When indy was a puppy she used to get into the litter box.. apparently she partial to kitty poo. Gag me. 2 weeks ago she found some and attempted to eat it too. I stopped her in time! yuck.

  6. Goofy little Zoe. Sounds like she was into fish tank gravel lol! I hope she passes them all ok.

  7. Does it count as weight gain if she actually swallowing ROCKS? I mean, you would think that would put pounds on a gal.

    I can’t believe you have to get all CSI-y like that. Poor puppy. I hope she gets them all out and can learn to leave rocks on the ground!!

  8. I remember a neighbor’s dog who used to chew on/eat rocks, too. How bizarre! I can’t believe that you have to chop up her poo in order to find the rocks. hehe šŸ™‚ Too funny! But goodness, I hope that they won’t have to perform surgery in order to get them. Meredith ate a button the other day! I found it when I changed her diaper. Crazy! Freaked me out!

  9. Chopping up poop? I thought taking on three kids with diapers was bad but having to chop up poop from a dog eating stones is worse. You got me beat.

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