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Tisket, tasket

I get a few emails each day from various web sites and one really caught my eye today.  They showed a deal on a Wii game saying something like “This would make a great addition to your child’s Easter basket”.  I was floored!  Really?  We’re giving Wii games in Easter baskets now?  Isn’t that a bit much?  What happened to candy and maybe a stuffed animal?  I mean, it’s your money and all, but it just seems that we’re really throwing gifts at our kids more and more these days.  When you give a gift at Easter that is as extravagant as a Wii game then don’t you end up feeling like you have to top that at their birthday and then Christmas and the next thing you know it looks like you robbed a Toys R Us on any given holiday.  Do kids really need that much?  With this adoption we’re at the paperwork/ introspection stage where we’re really analyzing our feelings on parenting.  I don’t know how it will actually be once our kidlet comes home but we are all for a more simple approach.  No over the top birthday parties every year- some of those cost hundreds of dollars just to have the party at those kid party places.  Nothing wrong with cake and pizza at home with the family and a few friends.  I just hope when our kids go back to school after Easter that they don’t catch slack about the lack of electronics and expensive toys in their baskets.  Hopefully the candy and family time will make up for that.  We can’t be the only ones who feel this way, right?

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Lil Killers

First let me just say that Facebook is the ultimate blog killer.  I blame FB for my lack of posts here.  It just feels redundant sometimes when all y’all know what’s been going on because of FB.  Sigh.

Anyway, Friday night CSP & I went over to Sara & BIL’s house for the evening to visit.   Jake & Joey say the cutest things and they had a ton of fun comments for me that night.  Before we arrived Sara told the boys to move their scooters out of the driveway.

Sara: Aunt Shanny’s coming soon, you better get your scooters out of the driveway.

Jake: I will later, she’ll be late.

(that kid knows me too well!)

Later, Sara & I were  watching America’s Next Top Model.  Joey was curled up on the sofa with Sara while Jake was playing on his computer in his room.  He came out asking Sara to sign him up for some kid’s game website.

Jake:  Pleeeease Mom can you come put in your email?

Sara:  Jacob why don’t you just come snuggle up on the sofa with us?

Me:  Yeah, Jakey don’t you want to be in here where you can enjoy me?

Jake:  Well, I’d rather be in there enjoying that.


Later we were outside hanging out.  The boys had already cut off my arms and legs and head.  I was playing dead when I heard Jake yell “Let’s burn her eyes out!”  OMG!  He’s only 7!

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More Mountain Hijinks

While we were in Valle Crucis Papa took us to visit a friend of his who’d just built a palace house. cabins_4606 OMG it was amazing.  It’s available for rent. It has this amazing wrap around porch that I swear is bigger than my house. Joey enjoying a beverage on DCoy's porch We toured the house then sat out on the porch and watched the hummingbirds for a while. Hummingbird coming to feed at DCoy's porch It’s hard to get a good shot of the birds without it being blurry because of their million mile an hour wings!

After hanging out at DCoy’s for a while we went to see the horses at Papa’s cousin’s horse trail riding place.  No idea what you call that. Horses & rooster at Dutch Creek Trails in Valle Crucis After visiting the horses we had dinner then went to the go kart joint.  OMG the boys had SO much fun! The whole gang go karting in Boone, NC First they rode with a grown up in the big carts on the big track. Then they were able to drive their own karts. Jacob in his own little go kart.  Such concentration! When Jacob got in his car the worker dude asked him if he knew which pedal made it go and which made it stop. Jacob said “I only want the one that makes it go.” Joey in his own little go kart.  They see me rollin.

There was a gyroscope at the park. Gigi & I were dying to see someone ride it. One kid bought a ticket but was too scared so he turned it back in. One of the worker guys had a shirt on that said 100% Guapo. So Mom yelled “Hey, 100%! Come here!” He came over and we talked him into demonstrating the gyroscope! Continue reading “More Mountain Hijinks”

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Heaven’s Farm

Jacob was in the bathtub complaining to Sara about his legs itching.

My legs itch from the bites I got at Uncle Sherman’s farm.


Uncle Sherman.

It’s Uncle Kevin.

I know, but he likes me to call him Uncle Sherman.

(laughing) Why?  Because his name is Uncle Kevin.

Cause Kevin is where you go when you die.  So I call him Uncle Sherman instead.

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Boys after my own heart

Now that we have an IKEA we seem to be there at least once a week.  The other night Sara called and asked did I want to join them there for dinner.  Jacob & Joey LOVE IKEA.  She asked them where did they want to go and they both grabbed IKEA things to show her.  When the big yellow & blue building came into view Jacob yelled “IKEA!!” from the backseat.  My heart swelled.

We had dinner then dropped the boys off at Smaland while we shopped.  Sara had some frames to pick up and CSP requested more salmon sauce from the Swede shoppe. Jacob & Joey LOVE Smaland. Jacob playing in IKEA's Smaland They know the whole drill about removing their shoes and putting on their stickers.  There’s so much for kids to do there.  Coloring, climbing on things, a big ball pit, this cool elevated loft thing filled with bean bags for them to lounge on while watching movies.  I’ve never seen kids beg to stay in a store that isn’t a toy store!

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Happy Birthday Gigi!

Busy weekend recap!

Ok so Friday night was movie night for CSP and me.  We went to redbox and picked up Traitor and Pineapple Express.  Traitor was serious, well acted (LOVE Don Cheadle), and really good.  I was surprised to see that it was written and produced by Steve Martin!  Pineapple Express was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  We had to keep pausing it because we’d be laughing so hard I’d miss some dialogue.  It had some of the best lines.  Thug life!

Saturday morning we got up at the crack of dawn to meet up with the fam.  It was Jacob’s first basketball game. Jacob, the mighty mighty Apostle OMG it was the cutest thing ever!  A million tiny little 2 foot tall kids with those long shorts pulled up to their armpits running around trying to put the ball through the hoop.  I wish I’d had my good camera because the zoom on my purse camera doesn’t cut it.  Jake ran around the whole time with his arms up in the air like a redheaded orangutan.  He’d get distracted by the scoreboard or would start spinning around in the middle of the court. Jacob playing in his first basketball game And he could barely take his eyes off the cheer leaders.  SO cute! Brotha Marc & Brotha watching Jacob's basketball game

After the game we split up.  Brotha Marc & Brotha Jon squeezed into Sara's tiny car The boys all went back to Sara’s house and us girls went out to lunch for Gigi’s birthday.  She wanted to go to her favorite, Red Lobster.  At lunch Sara caught us all up on her medical situation.  She has been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.  Not fun stuff.  Her spleen is still big, and she has more tests tomorrow.  Hopefully she’ll be able to get her spleen taken out ASAP.  She’s so pale, in a good deal of pain and discomfort, and is starting to look jaundiced.  Please keep her in your prayers.  She’s keeping a great attitude about it.

The staff at the Red Lobster heard it was Gigi’s birthday and brought her an ice cream and sang. Gigi and her birthday ice cream Then after lunch we went for a movie.  We debated between seeing the Unborn and Gran Torino. Thank goodness the ticket guy talked us into Gran Torino.  The Unborn looked like it was just going to scare me into insomnia for months!  I’m too old for all that public terror.  Gran Torino was fantastic!  I’ve always respected Clint Eastwood but didn’t really become a fan until Million Dollar Baby.  Gran Torino was hilarious!  And touching, and intense, and scary.  We laughed, a lot (didn’t expect that), and we cried.

After the movie we went back to Sara’s then Momo went home with Papa & Gigi.  She had to get ready to go back to school to start the semester today.  I miss her already!  But she’ll be home again next weekend for Joey’s birthday!

Today is Gigi’s official birthday.  So Photobucket to the best Mom & friend in the world!  I love you! xoxo

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Finally….my Spring PhoBloDays!!!

Welcome! For those of you just joining us, four times a year I ask my bloggy peeps to document their days through photos. We document a Friday &/or a Saturday. Then everyone posts their photos on their blogs &/or the PhoBloDays Flickr Group. I post a link to the participants here on my blog so everyone can go see what everyone else is up to.

I LOVE PhoBloDays. I love seeing your worlds through your point of view.

On with the show! Click below:

Thanks to those who played!

Now…on to my days!

Friday: This is the first thing I saw when I woke up: Wake up Mom! I got up and ironed CSP’s work clothes. Ironing Jon's work clothes Then went downstairs and had breakfast. Took care of the pugs and did a little house cleaning. Then answered emails and checked out some blogs: Checking email & blogs Then I got showered and dressed and headed out to have lunch with a friend. Lunch and walking around in downtown Concord I took her a little present I painted her. A giant clothes pin I thought would be cute for holding pictures or recipes etc. Julie's big clothes pin I painted She seemed to really like it so that’s good! After lunch we walked around and checked out some local shops. Then we parted ways and I proceeded to get quite lost on the way home. Got lost on the way home from lunch I so need a GPS!
Now, here’s where things get a little fuzzy. I forgot to take any more pics of my day! And now that I’m trying to blog it, I don’t quite remember much of what else happened. Must not have been too exciting!
Oh well, on to Saturday!
I woke up in much the same manner as Friday: This is what I wake up to now! Ironed again. Ironing Jon's work clothes Had breakfast, took care of the pugs, checked email, then worked some more on our taxes. Still working on our taxes! I know I’m past the deadline but I filed an extension. It’s a long story. I gave up on our taxes for the day and went to the park to meet up with Sara & the boys & some friends. Jacob at the parkJoey at the park We hung out and took pictures of the kids while they played until it started to rain. So I drove home in the rain Driving home from the park in the rain When I got home I got dolled up and ready to go to dinner with some friends. En fuego!  Dinner was on fire Saturday nightEn fuego!  Dinner was on fire Saturday nightAfter dinner we went back to Kimberly’s house and played her Wii. So fun! Playing Wii at Kimberly's house Zoe came over. Zoe doesn't quite get how to carry things in her mouth without blocking her vision Zoe played hard too and fell asleep on Kim’s daughter Ciela: Zoe fell asleep on Ciela It was a long, fun day so we went home and straight to bed!
*click on all photos to enlarge. More photos here!

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Mishmash, a plethora, a bevy if you will, of slightly related items

This morning Joey and I went out to breakfast. Joey at the Meet & Greet at IHOP We met up with a bunch of moms from my mom’s group at IHOP. It was fun to see everyone and meet a couple of new people. I tell ya though, I am going to have to buy stock in Purell or something. We went potty twice at IHOP and both times he touched more germy surfaces then you could shake a stick at. Lifting the seat, flushing the toilet with his hand, holding on to the rim. Ewww. I got him all scrubbed up afterwards and purelled the bejeeebus out of his little hands when we got back in the truck. He was so cute the whole time. “I like pancakes Shanny.”Aunt Shanny & Joey out for the day!

We went by Target before I took him back home. A Chik Fil A was having their grand opening next to the Target and I slowed down so he could wave to the cow. Of course when I dropped him off and we told Sara about our morning she pointed out that I have tinted windows in the back seat. So all the people on the street saw was a crazy woman honking and waving at a cow. Doh!

Speaking of my mom’s group, one of our members, Christina, just started her own blog. Go check her out and say hi!

When I got home today I noticed I had lost an earring somewhere along the way. Who knows how long I was rocking the 80’s one earring look?!?

Oh hey, mark your calendars! The Spring Edition of Photo Bloggy Days will be Friday and Saturday April 18 & 19! Join our PhoBloDays flickr group if you’d like. I’ll be posting reminders and rules later on.

Also speaking of my mom’s group, I’m really excited because I’m starting some new things over there and people are really responding well. By new I mean I lovingly “borrowed” some ideas from other groups I know about and am using them there. I started a monthly Sit & Knit where we’re going to meet up in a coffee shop and knit & chat. Also a monthly Shoot Out where we’ll meet at a park or some other lovely place and take pictures & swap tips & tricks. In relation to the shoot outs I started a twice monthly theme based photo challenge. Our first theme is Spring and while I do enjoy a nice, cool, overcast day I would like a little sunshine so I can take my challenge picture!

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Bustin out & quarantined

Today is Jacob’s 5th birthday. I am not at his party. Boo. But there are SO many kids there and my tendency to love up on the children it’s best that I am still in quarantine.

Although, yesterday I did bust out for the day. I went to Sara’s and caught a ride with her down to my Mom’s house. Jake & Joey were in the car with us. Papa babysat the boys while us girls went out for lunch and a movie to celebrate Morgan’s 18th bday. I can’t tell you how hard it was to be around my family and not give out hugs and kisses. We’re a huggy kissy family! But I kept to myself. On the way down I let Jake open up his presents from Uncle Jon & me. We gave him this cool led light up football Disco footballDisco football It turns all sorts of colors. V.v. cool. We also got him a new pair of Crocs Bayas Jacob's birthday Crocs from Aunt Shanny & Uncle Jon. He LOVES them. We got him a pair of Caymans last year and he has literally worn the tread completely smooth on the bottom. They are such great kids shoes. I got Joey a new little Jibbitz for his Crocs too.

So we dropped the kids off and piled into Morgan’s car and headed for lunch.  But we didn’t think to check business hours so our intended lunch destination didn’t work out.  We ended up having burritos at Moe’s.  I can’t believe it but I didn’t take a single picture all day.  So you can’t see the delight on Momo’s face as she opened her present.  We went big this year as it’s her 18th/Graduation present.  We thought we could buy 2 small presents or 1 big so we went big.  She was thrilled.  We got her a new digital camera.  I also found this super cute skin for the camera, and a wristlet on ebay as a carrying case.  So she’s all set.

After lunch we walked over to the movie theatre and saw 21.  It was cute.  I’m amazed at their mental abilities.  I can’t stay focused long enough to count enough cards in a suit much less a bunch of decks!

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Family values

Monday I got a call from Jake asking for a pair of silly socks. He needed them for silly sock day at school. So CSP, Zoe, & I went over to deliver silly socks and spend a couple hours with our nephews. Sara was at her photography class so it was just me and the boys. While we were there I told Jake to go get his new girlfriend to show Uncle Jon. Jake carried her out by the neck and announced “This is Barbie Girl. She’s always naked.” click to enlarge This is Barbie Girl, she's always naked I swear that kid cracks me up! I love how Joey’s looking at her in this photo:Barbie Girl- my nephews' new girlfriend You can tell he’s all proud and in love with her. And plotting his next move: Joey plants a big one on Barbie Girl
Meanwhile, Zoe was getting the once over from Lucy & Ally. Lucy checking Zoe outJake covered in dogs Then later Zoe & her daddy kicked back at the “bar” (in the kitchen). Zoe kickin back with her dad More photos from our visit here.