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Bachelor Week 9

BBs- it’s that time again…the Women Tell All! This used to be a wild episode until a few seasons ago when it got all tame and lame. Until tonight!!!

First of all, there is just So. Much. Yelling. EVERYONE is pissed! At Shanae! At Clayton! At Shanae some more!!! Shanae is in the hot seat and it seems like the women are getting more and more angry that they can’t drive Shanae to tears. It’s like an angry mob but instead of torches and pitchforks they throw out barbs like “There isn’t FaceTune in Paradise Shanae!”. Bahahahaha!!! With each insult hurled, Shanae just shrugs and half smiles into the camera, seemingly unbothered by it all. And she is NOT sorry for anything she has done. Genevieve joins her in the hot seat and they are supposed to discuss their 2-1 date but before anyone can say anything, Shanae accuses Gene of going home and having sex with Aaron from Katie’s season! WHUT?!?!? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Gene is a grown woman and doesn’t owe Clayton a thing. But wow Shanae!

Sarah is in the hot seat next and doubles down saying that Clayton did indeed cry on their date. Sarah herself is trying to cry again, but remember, she’s all out of tears.

Teddi is up next. She seems emotionally wrought by the whole process, I mean, journey of it all. AND she tells us that none other than Clayton’s own BROTHER slid into her DMs!!! His brother y’all!!! SO gross!!!

When it’s Serene’s turn on stage she stays true to her name- calm and poised.

Finally Clayton comes out and the pitchforks are ready again! He declares that he regrets nothing- a bold statement considering the whole Shanae mess!!! Sierra puts him on blast- why did you believe Shanae over ALL of us??? He doesn’t have a good answer except they had a strong connection. Sarah even accuses Clayton of stirring the pot. But that’s rich coming from her. Clayton says again that he never cried with Sarah and Sarah tries to deflect, but it’s v clear she lied.

And after some bloopers…that’s all BBs! Until tomorrow when we have Fantasy Suites!!! xo 🌹