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Bachelor Week 8

BBs!!! It’s time for Hometowns! One of my favorite episodes because we get to see the crazy families and watch level headed parents try to talk sense into their children! Let’s dive in!

FINALLY we get to travel for hometowns again! First up is Susie in Virginia. For their day date, Susie says she wants to see if Clayton likes to be choked! Ma’am, this is a family show! But she only means that she’s going to put Clayton through some Jiu Jitsu moves. Whew. I do NOT need to see Clayton in a bedroom! That night Clayton meets the fam and it is …..boring! Everyone loves him! The man is as exciting as uncooked pasta but ok!

Next up is Gabby in Denver, Colorado. Clayton says Everyone knows Gabby is the funniest girl in the world and, well, I’m just not seeing it. She does seem fun, but she’s no laugh riot IMO. Now, Gabby’s Grandpa?? That man is hilarious! When Grandpa meets Clayton and Gabby asks what he thinks, Gpa says I think he’s full of s#!t! Bahahaha!!! Gabby’s dad couldn’t be there because of Covid but right at the end of the night a car honks and Gabby goes outside. It’s her dad holding up big signs a la Love, Actually. His signs tell her he’s so proud and he loves her and I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Serene is next in Oklahoma City, OK. For their day date, Serene takes Clay to this sky high obstacle course where she laughs at his fear the whole day. I just don’t see any chemistry with these two. Which tells you a LOT about Clayton because Serene is stunning. And so is her mom. And her brother. Dang, her whole ding dang family is hot!!! Hot Bro cries when he’s chatting with Serene and it makes me love him more- so sweet!!!

Lastly, we visit Rachel in Clermont, FL. They go kayaking in a swamp in gator country and see a spider the size of a baseball. NO JOKE. Nightmare fuel!!! They swim and make out in said swamp and I don’t know how they can concentrate with such creatures about. Rachel warns Clayton that her dad is super tough and FINALLY we’re going to get some drama but NO! Dad is just fine!!! Even gives Clay a hearty handshake and pat on the arm to signal his blessing!!! Come on!

Rose Ceremony

Serene goes home. You’re better off sweetie. Trust.

Next week is 2 nights of Bachelor fun including Women Tell All! Can’t wait! Until then! xo 🌹