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Bachelor Season Finale

I know it’s late BBs, but I couldn’t go to bed tonight without recapping the season finale!!! We’re still in Iceland where Susie comes to talk to Clayton and meet his parents. Susie and Clayton go outside to talk. C- I didn’t mean the things I said. I want you back. Give me a 2nd chance. S- I don’t know if I’m in a place where I can do that right now.

The next day Clayton goes to see Gabby and Rachel. The man proceeds to break up with both of them at the same time!!! Could he be a bigger A hole??? Gabby walks out and Clay follows her. They argue and Gabby totally puts Clayton in his place. Clayton- Can I walk you out? Gabby- NO. When I tell you I whooped and clapped at this moment!!! It was glorious!!!

In LA- Gabby is in the hot seat and her Grandpa Joe is in the audience. LOVE him!!! Gabby confronts Clayton and totally calls him out. It’s amazing. She is so collected and poised!! She’s my hero!!! G- When you say you love someone you assume responsibility to protect them and not hurt them and you didn’t do any of those things! PREACH!!!

BTW, Clayton’s underbite is KILLING me!!!

Iceland- Clayton goes to talk to Rachel. Poor girl is crying and shaking like a leaf! Even as he’s walking her out to the waiting SUV, Rachel still doesn’t want to accept her fate. “I never stopped fighting for you!” Come on Rach, he’s so not worth it!!!

LA- Rachel is in the hot seat now, and she’s still crying. “I became collateral damage.” Clayton- I’m sorry. Rachel- I don’t believe you. Did you tell me you loved me just so you could sleep with me? WAY TO GO!!! And that, BBs, is how you get your dignity back!!!

Iceland- Clayton manages to get Susie to meet him in some little cabin so he can declare his love. He’s waving a ring box around like a threat. It’s such an odd, aggressive vibe. C- I love you blah blah blah. S- I don’t think you’re my person. I’m leaving Iceland alone. It’s over. Me- THANK GOODNESS!!!

LA- Note Aaron and Genevieve sitting together in the audience!!!

Clayton is on stage. Susie comes out. Apparently she reached out to him and now they are together and in love. Or he’s holding her hostage- you be the judge!

The next Bachelorettes are Gabby and Rachel!!! This will be interesting!!! It’s the LEAST ABC can do for those poor girls after what they went through in Iceland!!!

Until then BBs…. xo🌹

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Bachelor Week 10

WOWOWOWOWOW. BBs, this has gotten wild! Ok, so we start out with Clayton talking to Jesse about how he doesn’t have any trust anymore since Susie left him. UGH. I am SO OVER this man. Even though Susie left, there still has to be a rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

Gabby and Rachel notice right away that Susie is absent. Clayton tells G & R that he’s in love with both of them and Susie and that he was intimate with both G & R. Not surprisingly, both ladies are devastated and walk away in tears to gather themselves. While Jesse is talking with Clayton, all you can hear are Rachel’s gut wrenching sobs echoing throughout the building. I hope Clayton feels those sobs down in his black soul. Clay tells Jesse he wants to continue with both of them. Of course he does! Clayton is the epitome of having his cake and wanting to have sex with it too!!!

Gabby asks for an explanation of Susie’s absence and while telling her the story Clayton says now it’s all about who I love the most. Nice.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, both women appear for the rose ceremony. Rachel gets the first rose and accepts it. Gabby, however, does not accept!!! Yay Gabs!!!! The look on Rachel’s face is priceless! She’s like “We can say no? We aren’t being held hostage??” (I paraphrase).

While walking Gabby out, Clayton is begging her the whole time to stay. Gabby has a great line- “Love shouldn’t be measured”. The whole time Clay is all I know I know but what we have is special. Is it though??? He somehow talks her into staying and she accepts her rose with a reluctant “yeah”.

The next day it’s time to meet Clayton’s family. Mom, Dad and 2 brothers make the trip. Gabby is up first, then Rachel. Before Gabby arrives, Clayton explains the whole sh!t show to his parents. Dad says “You really screwed the pooch”. He sure did! And Gabby and Rachel too!!! His mother looks absolutely horrified and his dad looks downright embarrassed. The family dotes on the ladies and seems to love them both.

Once Rachel leaves, Clayton sits back down with his fam and discusses the women. But then he says his heart is still with Susie. Poor Mom is gobsmacked!!! It’s just a mess. Jesse appears and says Susie is still in Iceland.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out who Clayton ends up with! Not that he deserves ANY woman at this point!! Until then BBs… xo 🌹

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Bachelor Week 9- Fantasy Suites

WOW. Just wow. Where to begin BBs??? SO much to unpack. Let’s start with the first Fantasy Suite date. This week we are in Iceland. Iceland is stunningly beautiful and there are puffins! There are also 3 women who are all in love with the same dude and they are forced to share a hotel room. Nothing makes conversation more awkward than knowing your roommate is getting ready to go have sex with the guy you had sex with last night! GROSS.


Rachel’s date is first and they go on a helicopter ride then take a rickety elevator down an inactive volcano. That would be a HARD NOPE for me! I’ve seen this movie and the blonde doesn’t make it out! That night at Fake Dinner, Clayton tells Rachel he’s falling in love with her. She visibly melts in front of him. The next morning as Rachel stands on the balcony wrapped in a robe and sporting major bed head, Clay yells from the street to her that he loves her.


Gabby and Clayton go riding in a dune buggy on the black sand beaches. That night at Fake Dinner, Clayton tells Gabby he’s falling in love with her. She visibly melts in front of him. Skkkkkrrrrreeeech WHAT?!? Yep, it’s like I’m having MAJOR deja vu but no, he gives practically the same speech to both women. Then he has sex with them. My skin is crawling. The next morning as he’s leaving Gabby he yells (again with the public yelling) that he’s falling in love. Does he not know that these women and their families will be watching this show??? How special they must feel!!!


Lastly we have Susie’s date. All week she’s been watching the girls return from their overnight dates. She’s not dumb. She knows what’s going on. But she musters up a smile and she and Clay go to a hot spring. That night at Fake Dinner, Clayton tells Susie he’s falling in love with her. But instead of melting, Susie asks Clayton if he’s had sex with another woman here and is he in love with anyone else. He hems and haws but eventually arrives at yes and yes. But it’s ok Susie because “I’m the MOST in love with you”. VOMIT. Susie says she doesn’t think she can get past it. Sex is v important to her and she doesn’t want to be sloppy thirds or share in his “love” with other women. Who could blame her??? Ooh ooh, I know who! CLAYTON! He literally tells Susie that SHE is the one who let us get to this point. That SHE should have said something earlier. The audacity of it all!!!

They both walk away from the table for a moment. Jesse comes to talk to Clayton while Susie is crying while talking to producers. Susie comes out to talk to C some more and he yells at her. YELLS at her. “What am I supposed to do? You invalidated everything we have. I don’t know who you are anymore. This is BS. I’m walking you out.” OMG. HE is the one who couldn’t keep it in his pants. She doesn’t owe him squat!!! Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, all season Clayton has shown as much personality as a crouton, until tonight. Now we know. Now we know who he really is.

Poor Susie. Next week Clayton has to face the firing squad and yay for that. It looks wild. Ugh, I’m still seething!!! Until then BBs. xo🌹

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Bachelor Week 9

BBs- it’s that time again…the Women Tell All! This used to be a wild episode until a few seasons ago when it got all tame and lame. Until tonight!!!

First of all, there is just So. Much. Yelling. EVERYONE is pissed! At Shanae! At Clayton! At Shanae some more!!! Shanae is in the hot seat and it seems like the women are getting more and more angry that they can’t drive Shanae to tears. It’s like an angry mob but instead of torches and pitchforks they throw out barbs like “There isn’t FaceTune in Paradise Shanae!”. Bahahahaha!!! With each insult hurled, Shanae just shrugs and half smiles into the camera, seemingly unbothered by it all. And she is NOT sorry for anything she has done. Genevieve joins her in the hot seat and they are supposed to discuss their 2-1 date but before anyone can say anything, Shanae accuses Gene of going home and having sex with Aaron from Katie’s season! WHUT?!?!? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Gene is a grown woman and doesn’t owe Clayton a thing. But wow Shanae!

Sarah is in the hot seat next and doubles down saying that Clayton did indeed cry on their date. Sarah herself is trying to cry again, but remember, she’s all out of tears.

Teddi is up next. She seems emotionally wrought by the whole process, I mean, journey of it all. AND she tells us that none other than Clayton’s own BROTHER slid into her DMs!!! His brother y’all!!! SO gross!!!

When it’s Serene’s turn on stage she stays true to her name- calm and poised.

Finally Clayton comes out and the pitchforks are ready again! He declares that he regrets nothing- a bold statement considering the whole Shanae mess!!! Sierra puts him on blast- why did you believe Shanae over ALL of us??? He doesn’t have a good answer except they had a strong connection. Sarah even accuses Clayton of stirring the pot. But that’s rich coming from her. Clayton says again that he never cried with Sarah and Sarah tries to deflect, but it’s v clear she lied.

And after some bloopers…that’s all BBs! Until tomorrow when we have Fantasy Suites!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor Week 8

BBs!!! It’s time for Hometowns! One of my favorite episodes because we get to see the crazy families and watch level headed parents try to talk sense into their children! Let’s dive in!

FINALLY we get to travel for hometowns again! First up is Susie in Virginia. For their day date, Susie says she wants to see if Clayton likes to be choked! Ma’am, this is a family show! But she only means that she’s going to put Clayton through some Jiu Jitsu moves. Whew. I do NOT need to see Clayton in a bedroom! That night Clayton meets the fam and it is …..boring! Everyone loves him! The man is as exciting as uncooked pasta but ok!

Next up is Gabby in Denver, Colorado. Clayton says Everyone knows Gabby is the funniest girl in the world and, well, I’m just not seeing it. She does seem fun, but she’s no laugh riot IMO. Now, Gabby’s Grandpa?? That man is hilarious! When Grandpa meets Clayton and Gabby asks what he thinks, Gpa says I think he’s full of s#!t! Bahahaha!!! Gabby’s dad couldn’t be there because of Covid but right at the end of the night a car honks and Gabby goes outside. It’s her dad holding up big signs a la Love, Actually. His signs tell her he’s so proud and he loves her and I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Serene is next in Oklahoma City, OK. For their day date, Serene takes Clay to this sky high obstacle course where she laughs at his fear the whole day. I just don’t see any chemistry with these two. Which tells you a LOT about Clayton because Serene is stunning. And so is her mom. And her brother. Dang, her whole ding dang family is hot!!! Hot Bro cries when he’s chatting with Serene and it makes me love him more- so sweet!!!

Lastly, we visit Rachel in Clermont, FL. They go kayaking in a swamp in gator country and see a spider the size of a baseball. NO JOKE. Nightmare fuel!!! They swim and make out in said swamp and I don’t know how they can concentrate with such creatures about. Rachel warns Clayton that her dad is super tough and FINALLY we’re going to get some drama but NO! Dad is just fine!!! Even gives Clay a hearty handshake and pat on the arm to signal his blessing!!! Come on!

Rose Ceremony

Serene goes home. You’re better off sweetie. Trust.

Next week is 2 nights of Bachelor fun including Women Tell All! Can’t wait! Until then! xo 🌹