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Bachelorette Week 8

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

Week 8!!! I thought it was going to be Hometowns (which in Covid land is just the conference room at the resort)! But instead we get Men Tell All. BUT! Before we get to that ABC has to rip our hearts out. Michael is on a FaceTime call with his 4 year old son James when James says “Daddy left because he doesn’t want to see me!” OH MY HEART!!! Poor Michael looks gut punched and almost immediately heads to Katie’s room to chat.

In Katie’s room Michael tells K what happened with James and that he needs to go home. Now, I think Michael is an amazing dad and a great guy but what harm would come to James if Michael stays with K another week or two really? He’s only 4. He’s not going to remember. Just my 2 cents.

Katie seems to take Michael’s leaving HARD. She’s crying all her mascara off and saying she’s pissed and hurt. Are you though? As much as I think Michael is fabulous and would treat any woman like a QUEEN, I just don’t see a spark with the two of them.

Then it’s time for Men Tell All. Michael is there so that explains why ABC showed us his departure. The guys INSTANTLY start arguing about who was there for the right reasons and Karl gets all up in Brendan’s face and it’s the most I’ve heard Brendan speak all season! BTW, where’s Thomas???

Kaitlyn and her lip fillers and Tayshia bring Connor Cat Man up to the hot seat to discuss his “trash kissing”. Poor Connor even says when he got home he texted ex girlfriends to ask if he was a trash kisser. Poor guy! Then! Out of nowhere a girl from the audience stands up and declares she wants to find out if Connor really IS a bad kisser!!! She comes down to the stage and doesn’t even say a word- just lays one on Connor! They kiss multiple times and stranger lady says Connor is an 11 out of 10! Way to get redemption Cat Man!!!

Katie comes out and accidentally calls Aaron by Thomas’ name! Then lo and behold Thomas is there. But not really. He shows up via Zoom. Lame.

Connor sings a song about bromance and that’s basically it! Fairly non-eventful. But I do have to say that this is a good bunch of guys. I wonder who will make it to Paradise???

Until next week my BBs!!! xo 🌹