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Bachelorette Week 7

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Week 7 BBs!!!

There are 7 guys left. Kaitlyn and Tayshia start out the show chatting with Katie. Kaitlyn is wearing a belted throw rug as a dress. I swear the stylist on this show is a crackhead. Also, some tea I learned…Blake and Brendan knew each other pre-show!!! WHY does this not come out on the show?? And Blake encouraged Brendan to apply to the show. So why didn’t Blake apply at the same time?? Why wait and come on halfway through?? Boggles the mind!!

Greg 1-1

It’s a HUGE deal that Greg gets a 1-1 this week as these are the last 2 1-1 dates. AND Greg’s already had a 1-1 but Brendan and Mike P the virgin haven’t. Greg and Katie are wearing matching outfits again! Her’s is a horrendous green tshirt that does NOTHING for her. Hear me now- I predict she picks Greg. I’ll be SHOCKED if she doesn’t! Anyway, they go to an area of the resort that’s set up to mimic Seattle, where K is from. They throw fish and play football.

Fake Dinner

Greg tells K he’s falling in love with her. He gets the rose (so he’s definitely going to hometowns) and then they run out into the faux Seattle rain to make out.

Back at the house, Michael A is FaceTiming his son and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

The date card is announced for the Group Date and Brendan is STRUGGLING because his name is on it so he doesn’t get the last 1-1, Mike P the virgin does. So Brendan goes to K’s room. As he’s knocking on her door he applies chapstick! I love it so much!!! He goes in and they chat. Katie says she can’t get there with him in time and sends him home.

Group Date

The guys and Katie go to an “art exhibit” filled with paintings of blooming flowers and dripping fruit and it’s all supposed to be v erotic. Keep in mind the guys may or may not be still withholding from self love from last week’s WOWO challenge. So the guys are tasked to create art pieces with Katie as their muse. OF COURSE Blake’s is completely blacked out because his classless ass can’t be trusted!!! I can not stand that man.

After Party

Blake tells Katie “I’m not in love with you”.

Michael A tells Katie “No one will love you like I can”

Andrew recreates their 1-1 and tells K he’s falling for her. SO sweet!!!

Michael A gets the group date rose.

Mike P 1-1

They walk out to the woods and are joined by a CUDDLE EXPERT. Why is ABC so intent on torturing this poor virgin??? During this cuddle date Mike P compares Katie to his mother. Multiple times. Yikes. Creepy. Before they can even get to Fake Dinner, K walks up to Mike in the woods and she’s crying. Yep, you guessed it, she sends him home. Mike takes it SO graciously! He’s a good guy, you can tell. Just a WEEEEE bit too close to his mom!!!

Rose Ceremony

Blake gets the first rose. GAG. I swear on all that’s good and holy if they make Blake the next Bachelor I will NOT watch!!!

It’s down to Justin (who’s facial expressions crack me up weekly!!!) and Andrew. K gives Justin the last rose!!! NOOOOOOOO! Katie you cotton picking FOOL!!!! Blake over Andrew???? I could slap her face!!!

The next morning Andrew stops by K’s room for a cheerier goodbye. He leaves her with a note. “If you change your mind, I’ll be waiting.” SWOON!!!! So Katie runs after Andrew in her bare feet (on hotel carpet- gross!) and jumps on him in the lobby. Now I’m crying! She asks if he wants to say and he says NO!!! Can you blame him? He says he doesn’t want to delay the inevitable and be right back here in a week or two and he wants her to CHOOSE him. I choose you Andrew!!!! She walks him out and have one last kiss. He’s still single as far as I know, if you want to slide into his DMs!!!

And that’s it until Hometowns next week Bbs!!! Until then!!! xo 🌹