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Bachelorette Week 5

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Hey there BBs! It’s Week 5 of Katie’s journey to find love on national television. Let’s dive in!!!
Tayshia addresses the group of guys and informs them that “a man” is joining the house. The guys are LESS THAN PLEASED, obvs. Blake then saunters in to total and complete silence! Bahahaha! I can’t stand Blake. Then, as if the guys aren’t pissed enough at Blake and the situation, Blake gets the 1-1 date card. Yikes. Watch yer back there Blake!

Blake 1-1

They go horseback riding and have a romantic desert picnic. When it’s time to ride the horses Blake, who’s “job” is listed as Wildlife Advocate mind you, actually says “how do you make it go?”. DUDE. Who doesn’t know how to make it go??? I’m the most indoorsy person ever and I know how to make it go!!! Ugh.

Fake Dinner

At Fake Dinner Blake asks Katie how did she become so sex positive and she shares her sexual assault story with him. To his credit he handles it well. Blake gets the rose.

Group Date

The next day is a group date with literally every man in the house save Blake and Andrew S. As per usual with ABC, there just must be at least one group date where the guys are forced to try and kill each other on tv, “for Katie’s heart”. This time they are playing a rugby/basketball hybrid. The only high point is that Franco and Wells arrive in v v short shorts, to help train the guys in the game and offer commentary. Everything is pretty tame until Hunter decides to take out Mike P in a tackle that I would not have recovered from. Hunter is foaming at the mouth and has blood lust written all over him! Once Mike P takes that hit, it’s ON. The guys go wild tackling each other HARD. Poor Michael A gets taken down by Justin and he doesn’t get up. Justin feels horrible and Michael basically just got the wind knocked out of him. I felt so bad for Michael A! Katie calls the game after this and declares them all winners so everyone gets to go to the after party.

After Party

Cat Man Connor with his 2 necklaces and his shirt open to his navel- I cannot. Meanwhile Michael A is sharing that yesterday was his deceased wife’s birthday and my heart breaks for him again. All the guys are in tears listening to him tell his story- except Hunter who’s all “Today was fun! Grrrr!!!” UGH please leave! SOMEHOW, Hunter gets the group date rose!!! Gross.

Andrew S 1-1

This date is all at night. They hike through the woods with lanterns to a an area where there are tons of fairy lights and envelopes hanging from some trees. The envelopes contain questions they have to answer. It’s kind of sweet but kind of a lame date. Andrew and Katie do seem to have chemistry and have fun together though.

Fake Dinner

At dinner Andrew broaches the subject of race and tells a heartbreaking story about how his ex was hesitant to have children with him because she didn’t want “mixed kids”. Ugh. Andrew S may have started his time on this show with a fake accent but I’ve really grown to like him! And that story made me so angry and sad for him. But at least now his ex is in the past! He gets the rose.

Cocktail Party

Hunter, who already has a rose, sets up this elaborate vignette for Katie and monopolizes her time. This sets the other guys OFF because so many of them haven’t had any time with her. So James, who totally looks like a mob boss tonight- with his black turtleneck, black suit, slicked back hair and big silver chain around his neck, interrupts Hunter and K and Hunter gets SO angry!!! Dude, chill! You already have a rose! He’s ranting about how he WILL get his time, and he ends up getting into an argument with the guys over it.

Tayshia and Kaitlin show up at the tail end of the cocktail party to lead Katie away and I’m thinking WHERE have you ladies been??? They are the most useless hosts!

Rose Ceremony

Non-eventful. Going home- Quartney, Andrew M, and some guy named Josh who I just can not place. Has he even been on this show??? 😂

After the Rose Ceremony, Aaron is giving a toast when Hunter interrupts him and gives his own toast. We all know what that means! Next week is going to be all about Aaron vs Hunter!!!

And that is it for this week BBs!!! See you next time!!! xo 🌹