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Bachelorette Week 4

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Welcome to Week 4 BBs, or as I like to call it, when the townspeople form a mob to kill the Beast! Um, I mean, send Thomas home. We are still beating a dead horse this week with all the guys in the house focusing on nothing but getting Thomas sent home. Thomas, of the vacant stare, just can’t help himself. He admitted to Katie he was excited to get more Insta followers and told the guys he’s been thinking about being the next Bachelor! Bless.

Group Date

This group date is titled Katie’s Truth or Dare. The day portion is just the guys running around doing “daring” things like eating a bunch of twinkies (???), waxing each other, and eating jabanero peppers then fake proposing to Katie. I don’t understand dates like this. There’s precious little interaction between K & the guys!

After Party

Katie is wearing a sequined tweed suit dress and either her stylist is v drunk or maybe I’m just confused about fashion. Thomas isn’t on this date but he might as well be, as much as the guys are all talking about him! We get it, you don’t like him, send him home. But people- focus on your girl!!!

Tre decides to tell K about Thomas’ true intentions and that gets him the group date rose and the ire of Andrew S.

The next day Tayshia visits K and tells her there’s a new guy here from Tay’s past who wants to date Katie. But won’t tell K who it is. K goes to meet the guy and it’s Blake. UGH. If K lets Blake stay she will be the 3rd, yes, THIRD, Bachelorette he’s dated in 6 months. Even with that giant red flag, K seems to really be dazzled by Blake. K tells Blake she’ll need to think about it.

Pre Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party

The guys all arrive to the party and Thomas is missing. So is Katie. Turns out Thomas decides to visit K in her room pre-party. He sits her down and spews a bunch of balogna.

Thomas joins the party, then K arrives and we find out it’s midnight. Your sleep schedule must get really mucked up when you’re on one of these shows!!! K APOLOGIZES to Thomas about him being ostracized in the house!!! The 1-1 chats start and all the guys want to talk about is Thomas AGAIN. Except Michael A and Andrew S.

Rose Ceremony

Before the ceremony can start, Thomas steps forward and apologizes to Katie and then the guys. Things are going along as per usual at the RC until the last rose. K picks it up and calls Thomas’ name. Everyone’s jaws hit the floor. Thomas walks up to K, all confident that he’s here for at least another week. K PHYSICALLY RECOILS and takes a step back. K says so him “What I learned tonight is that you’re selfish, unkind, and a liar.” She tells him to get out and for a brief second it looks like he might say something, but he thinks better of it and leaves. David and Christian (NOoooo!!!! I like him!!!) also get sent home. HOW she’s keeping Hunter over these other guys is beyond me!

After the RC, Katie takes the last rose and goes to Blake’s room. He answers the door in his printed underwear, then takes a moment to put on a hoodie (but not a robe or something??). K invites Blake to stay (against my better judgement and screams). K walks away and Blake finds he’s locked out of his room in his undies! Ha!

Until next week BBs! xo 🌹