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Bachelor Week 10

Week 10- Fantasy Suites BBs! This week always skeeves me out because, come on, there’s so much fluid swapping I can’t even handle it! And yet, I watch. I’m a sucker for punishment I guess!

Before we dive in to the dates, Matt’s dad arrives for a serious sit down convo. Except Dad thinks he’s there to celebrate his son’s success! Yikes. Apparently they haven’t seen each other in a while and it’s v awkward. Like, hard to watch awkward. Matt’s all “You cheated on my mom and weren’t there for me and it’s affected all my relationships” and Dad fires back with “No one’s perfect, we all make mistakes.” Poor Matt is showing more emotion than he has all season, he even cries. But Dad shuts down. Dad ends up apologizing though after a few minutes. They end up leaving it on good terms.

Later that day is Michelle’s date. Matt walks up wearing PAINTED on jeans. I swear I don’t see how that man bends his knees! The two of them head to the spa where they have a Pennsylvania Dutch spa day that includes an oatmeal foot soak, smearing butter all over each other, and a milk bath.

That night they meet back up and Matt is sporting yet ANOTHER turtleneck! How can one man own sooo many?!?! When they get to the Fantasy Suite, Michelle says I love you. The next morning Michelle says I love telling you that I love you. Matt responds with Thank you for sharing that with me. What a silver tongued devil! So romantic!!!

Michelle rejoins the other girls who are really struggling with the whole “our boyfriend is being intimate with ALL of us this week” thing!

Bri’s date is next. Like that day. I would have thought they’d haved spaced these dates out more but it doesn’t appear that they are! Bri starts out by walking 417 miles through the woods to get to Matt. Matt then says “Welcome to the outdoors!” and informs Bri they are going to be hiking and camping in tents. They hike for a while and actually pitch a tent! And it’s not the Cadillac of tents either. Looks like a Sears special! Poor Bri is so worried she’s going to have to sleep in that thing all night!

Luckily they meet up later for the night portion of their date. Matt tells Bri the same story about his dad that he told Michelle last night. Your guy is sticking to a script! Bri tells Matt she is in love with him and is ready for an engagement. BTW, Bri is looking amazing tonight! She’s my favorite of the final 3 if you couldn’t tell.

The next morning Bri and Matt cook breakfast then Bri returns to the group where Rachael is crying and just plain falling apart.

Rachael goes to get ready for her date that day and she’s still crying and pouting. She’s all in her head about him being intimate with these other women. It amazes me every season how people act surprised. Did you not watch the show before??? She takes her pouting self to meet up with Matt and continues to pout all through the day portion of their date, which is pottery throwing. Matt and Rachael barely get their hands dirty before Rach pulls Matt aside for a talk. She tells him again that she’s falling in love with him and Matt reciprocates, saying he’s falling in love with her too.

The night portion is uneventful except that Rach shows up wearing a tiny little red dress and Matt literally licks his lips. Get it together man!!! There are fireworks as they pounce on each other. There’s no morning after footage, which is odd.

Rose Ceremony

Michelle gets the first rose and OMG he’s sending Bri home!!! Nooooo!!! Bri is so smart and beautiful and you know what? She’s too good for a guy who kisses with his eyes open and only wears jeggings!!!

And that’s it until next week’s finale BBs! xo 🌹