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Bachelor Week 9

BBs! It’s Week 9- Women Tell All!!! One of my historically favorite episodes! Let’s get into it!

Victoria does not disappoint with her outrageous outfit choice. Tonight’s choice: a light blue sequined pantsuit, but instead of a shirt it’s a bra. Keeping it klassy and staying on brand!

So I see the ladies have not learned a thing from their time on the show. As soon as it’s possible they all dog pile on Katie again! Claiming that Katie made the house toxic by reporting the toxic situation to Matt. Ummmm WHAT?!?! Just proves mean girls hate a snitch worse than a mean girl bully!!!

They show some footage from parts of dates that didn’t air and it’s mostly fear factor stuff. Gorging on pancakes then beer, sticking their hands in boxes of bugs, etc. Nothing thrilling!

Brittany goes up to the hot seat and Chris Harrison brings up the high end escort rumor, of course. Poor Britt. That ruined her whole experience and practically her whole life! Anna apologizes but with a caveat- she still claims she heard Britt was an escort so like, sorry I said it, but I heard it! And Chicago is a small town! WHAT?!? NO it isn’t. Chicago has millions of people living there! What a lame apology. Brittany accepts Anna’s apology because she’s a better woman than I! I mean, Britt will have to deal with this the rest of her life! If you google her now it’s all over Google! Words Matter People!!!

Katie gets put in the hot seat and the pattern of let’s watch your time on the show, then your heartbreak, then you crying now, begins. Nothing exciting comes of this. I still feel sorry for Katie.

Abigail is up next and it’s the same as above. I love Abigail and am so glad she is getting so much support from the Deaf community! She’s too pure for this world!

Pieper follows Abigail and it’s lather, rinse, repeat. Pieper is looking so cute tonight!

Serena P is up next and it’s the same thing except Serena sent Matt on his own tearful limo ride!

Finally Matt comes out and he’s sporting a pandemic beard of huge proportions! It SCREAMS I’m single!!! Cause what woman would allow her man to run around on tv with that wooly booger beard?!?! They talk about how Matt kisses with his eyes open and show footage. I hope to never see that again! Close em Matt!!!

Bloopers are up next. I love a good blooper! And that’s it! All in all I found this episode rather boring and appalling. All the mean girls got away scott free without any consequences!!! Even VIctoria- the worst one- Matt said I know you have a good heart. COME ON!!! Why do we let people like that off the hook so easily?? Ok, end of rant. I’m curious to see who Matt picks! Until then my BBs!!! xo 🌹