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Bachelor Week 3

Week 3-This week picks up at the last Rose Ceremony where Sarah just faux fainted. Matt takes her outside and her claims of not being able to see suddenly go away with his jacket on her shoulders and his tongue in her mouth!

The Rose Ceremony continues! Victoria gets the final rose AGAIN! And again Matt looks pained handing it to her. Come on producers, let him send her home! Vic straight up looks like she did the walk of shame off a 3 night bender to get to the rose ceremony! Going home: Marylynn, Alana (who??), Illeana, Kristin, and Sydney. Honestly, apart from Marylynn, who knew these ladies were even still here???

Before the night ends Vic sets her sights on Sarah as her new nemesis.

Group Date

The girls walk into a dark lounge area where Ashley I is reading from Chris Harrison’s erotic romance novel! Who knew CH was such a steamy writer??? So for today’s date all the girls have to write a scene from a romance novel about Matt and read it in front of a group.

Yes, it’s as awkward as you think. The girls read their scenes one by one and some of them have to get bleeped! Vic gets bleeped the most (of course)! The other girls from the house are in the audience and Sarah is having a really hard time wrapping her head around the fact that Matt is dating multiple people. HELLO??? Have you seen the show???

After party

Ok so last week one of you BBs told me Matt kisses with his eyes open. This week I paid attention and you’re right! WHAT is he looking at??? SO odd!!!

During the after party, Sulky Sarah leaves the house and crashes the group date! Matt is talking with Katie when Sarah interrupts. She says she has to talk to Matt about an urgent matter. Katie rejoins the group to give Sarah time. This news does NOT sit well with the rest of the girls on the group date. The urgent matter: Um, like, I don’t like you dating other women. This is hard for me. UGH!!! It’s hard for ALL the girls Sarah!

Katie goes back to Matt & Sarah and totally sits down on the sofa with them! SO FUNNY and YAY Katie!!! Sarah is all put out like she’s supposed to be there! UGH. Matt walks Sarah out. BTW, Vic is wearing another interesting dress. It’s all tan with ragged strips of fabric like Janna of the jungle.

Matt comes back from walking Sarah out and ENDS the group date! Even though he hasn’t spoken to more than half the women! They are NOT HAPPY. Rachael gets the group date rose.

Serena P’s 1-1

Matt comes to pick up Serena from the group and starts to apologize to the group about last night’s group date debacle. But then he notices Sulky Sarah isn’t there because she refuses to come out of her room. So instead of apologizing he GOES TO SARAH’S ROOM!!! Which just validates her behavior.

Finally he makes it back to the group and he and Serena leave for their date. They ride horses to a picnic. While making out, a donkey comes up to them. Then a few more donkeys come over! Serena is loving it, but Matt’s not thrilled. As a donkey lover myself, I think it’s super cute!!!

Fake Dinner

Serena says she’s falling in like with Matt. He gives her the rose and they get in a hot tub.

Back at the house, Sulky Sarah rejoins the group. She apologizes to Katie then the rest of the women but they are NOT having it. Vic especially is throwing out vicious verbal barbs at Sarah. Such a mean girl!

The next day Sarah is still in her room crying. Katie comes in and talks to her. Sarah says she’s going to leave and tells Katie about her dad’s ALS. Katie tells her she supports Sarah going home to be with her family. Katie then goes back to the group and updates them on Sarah’s situation and tells them all to keep it classy.

Sarah packs up and goes to Matt’s little house to tell him she’s leaving. But instead of citing her dad’s health as her reason to leave she tells him she’s been attacked by the cruel and malicious women of the house. He walks her out and she leaves in tears.

And that’s it until next week when apparently 5 new women show up for some reason and it brings loads of drama!!! Until then my BBs! 🌹xo