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Bachelor Week 2

Week 2! Finally we get to the dates and thanks to Victoria….the drama!!!

Bri gets the first 1-1 date and she is wearing a sleeveless turtleneck with another shirt tied over it diagonally, separating her boobs. It’s an odd styling choice, but I like Bri. She and Matt mount 4 wheelers and tool through the forest. At one point Bri gets on Matt’s 4 wheeler and he promptly wrecks it, throwing them both into the mud! Her poor hair!!! They ride to a hot tub in the middle of the woods and chat and make out.

Back at the house (resort), Victoria is NOT trying to make friends. She’s left to talk to producers because the other girls are quickly becoming tired of her!

Fake Dinner- Matt and Bri talk about how they grew up with absent fathers. Bri tells Matt her mom was just 13 years old when she was born. And now their relationship is strained because her mom is pregnant and starting a whole new family. Bri seems real and down to earth and gets the rose. They view some fireworks and make out.

At the house, the other girls are watching the fireworks too. Meanwhile Vic is making enemies. She decides she doesn’t want to room with Marylynn and would rather sleep on the sofa in the common area.

Group Date-

There are 18 (!!!) women on this date! 18!! How on earth is this supposed to work??? The women are told they are going to have a wedding day photo shoot (natch). Come on ABC, come up with some fresh date ideas please! So all the girls change into wedding dresses and stand in line to have their photos taken with Matt. While Mari is up for her turn, Vic interrupts her shoot and says it’s time for the Royal Wedding. UGH. She makes Matt take a garter off her leg and kiss her and his face is PRICELESS! He would clearly rather be anywhere else kissing his own brother than Victoria!!!

Thankfully Chris Harrison comes and interrupts saying now the girls will be playing Capture the Heart. A game with no real rules. Vic says “I think my team is a bunch of queens and their team is a bunch of GESTURES!” Bahahaha!!!! Girl, get your royal vocabulary in line!!!

The game is a free for all. Girls falling down, getting slapped in the face with paint laden strips of fabric, flowers, and purses. The ref is totally just napping! At some point CH announces the Red Team has won and the carnage is over. The gold team now has to walk home, but the red team gets to go to an after party with Matt.

At the after party, Vic is sitting down with Matt just saying the word like over and over. He finally interrupts to say “Can I walk you back upstairs?” I’m DYING! They weren’t even together long enough to get interrupted! Vic asks for a kiss and mauls his face with her mouth and I die a little inside.

Lauren gets the group date rose.

Sarah’s 1-1

The first part of their date is a ride in a US Mail open air biplane! They don’t even look strapped in!!! I was so anxious for them! They land and go to a picnic and fire in the woods. Matt asks about her family and Sarah doesn’t tell him about her dad’s sickness.

Fake Dinner

They are talking and Sarah decides to tell Matt all about her dad’s ALS and how she quit her job in TV news to move home to be a caretaker for him. My heart! I just can’t imagine. ALS is SO very devastating. Matt is equally touched and asks how he can be a better partner for her (!!!). Love that! She gets the rose and they kiss but I don’t feel any electricity between them.

Cocktail Party

Victoria is dressed in a poofy sleeve ruched number that totally looks like Strawberry Shortcake’s recycled bridesmaid dress!!! My eyes!!! And her black bra is hanging out the back! Girl is a hot mess. She’s wearing thick gold chains around her neck. Her eye makeup is all smeared and she looks at the beginning of the party like she’s been on a 3 day bender!

Marylynn tells Matt she’s been struggling with this process. GIRL. It is week 2. This is going to eat you alive. Matt gives Marylynn some orchids and she is beaming.

Vic talks to Matt next and tells him Marylynn caused her to sleep on the sofa! Lies!!! Matt now thinks Marylynn is a bully! He pulls Marylynn aside to talk and soft spoken M defends herself. Marylynn then tries to talk and smooth things over with Vic who is having none of it. “I don’t want to sit next to you”. M says “I think we can come to and understanding.” V: “I don’t care to.” NIIIIIICE. Meanwhile ALL the girls are mad that Vic started drama that robbed at least half of them of Matt time.

Rose Ceremony

Pieper gets the first rose. About 10 roses in to the ceremony Sarah stumbles off the stage and says she’s blacking out and can’t see and is seeing stars. Matt goes to her as does a medic.

And that’s it! To be continued…. Until next week BBs!!! 🌹 xo