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Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 Night 2

Week 4 Night 2 picks up right after the Rose Ceremony when Dean is pulling Caelynn away from the group to talk. Dean tells Cae he won’t be able to get where she wants him to be. Says their lifestyles just aren’t compatible and that he should leave and she should stay and explore options. Dean leaves. Caelynn goes back to the group in tears.
The next day JPJ is crying over Tayshia liking Derek. Says he’s in love with her. He’s SOBBING and blowing his nose like a fog horn. Blake is trying to comfort him but is visibly uncomfortable!
Tayshia finds a beautiful box for everyone. It’s an invitation to Breathy Krystal and Chris the Goose’s wedding! They met last year in paradise. Everyone’s all excited about the wedding except Caelynn, who’s still upset over Dean. Everyone goes to the wedding and JPJ decides to try and talk to Tayshia about their situation while they are seated waiting for the ceremony to start. Not good timing JPJ!!! Angela is a bridesmaid and she used to date Clay, who’s now there with Nicole. Krystal looks beautiful and it’s a sweet, gorgeous ceremony.
At the reception JPJ is running around talking to anyone who will listen about Derek being a creepy womanizer. Finally JPJ pulls Derek aside to “talk”. But JPJ gets LOUD and makes a scene. NOT COOL. Plus he won’t let Derek get a word in edgewise. Tayshia sees what’s going on and is crying.
Chris (the groom) invites only some of the current Paradise residents to the after party. At the after party Caelynn and Connor talk then make out. Guess she’s over Dean! Clay asks Angela to talk. She looks gorgeous! He says he still really cares for her.
Back at the resort, JPJ walks up to Derek at the bar and starts back in on him about Tayshia. Derek keeps trying to get JPJ to have a civilized conversation but JPJ is getting belligerent. I tell ya. I have been a huge JPJ fan up until this moment. I don’t know if what he’s saying about Derek is true or false but I don’t like the way JPJ is handling himself!
The next day Connor arrives with a date card. He asks Caelynn and all the girls cheer! All but Kristina who’s jealous because she’s interested in Connor too. Connor and Cae paint with their bodies and make out on their date.
Clay and Nicole talk about Angela. Clay tries to assure Nicole that she has nothing to worry about, but she’s worried.
Angela arrives! Because of course she does. And that’s it until next week BBs!!! xo 🌹