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Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Night 2

Week 3 Night 2: Starts with Chris Harrison and Demi talking. Everyone’s on edge wondering what’s going on. Demi tells CH that she can’t imagine not having the girl, Kristian, in her life. She’s very conflicted.
The men have the roses this week. Kristina wants Blake’s “friendship” rose so she can wait and see who may show up for her. Caitlin asks Kristina to talk after seeing Kristina and Blake being v chummy. Caitlin asks if Kristina has a motive here and why’s she so chummy with Blake? Kristina does not take this well and gets v defensive, basically telling Caitlin to mind her own business. Meanwhile Blake is skulking about behind a tree watching and listening to them talk. #creeper
Next day- Katie tells Chris he can go on dates if he wants. This is NOT what Chris wanted to hear. He’s really into Katie and ready for a wife. And now he’s worried they aren’t on the same page.
Jen (WHO???) arrives and all the guys think she’s super gorgeous. All the girls are sweating. Jen asks Chris to go on her date and he agrees. Stupid Katie!!! Katie’s crying as they leave. Jen and Chris go on a catamaran and all is well until they hit choppy water. Chris then spends the rest of their time throwing up over the side. So they continue their date back at the resort. They get in the hot tub and make out.
Nicole sings Clay the goofiest song I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard Baby Shark. But he loves it!
Chris and Katie talk and he says there’s something missing.
The next day Chris H appears. He asks Demi to talk and then sends her upstairs. And there’s the girl from back home! Kristian! Kristian is not from Bachelor Nation. They embrace and kiss and then sit down for a talk. Demi tells Kristian all about Derek. Demi says it’s Kristian she wants to be with. Demi leaves K to go talk to Derek. She tells Derek her heart is with Kristian and my heart just breaks for Derek. He’s SO torn up over it. Saying he just wants to be enough for someone. Poor thing! Derek goes to meet and talk with Kristian then Demi takes her poolside to introduce K to the group. Everyone is so supportive and happy for them!!! I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!!! Demi gets a date card and they go out to Fake Dinner where Demi declares she’s ready to commit and they profess their love for each other.
And that’s where this week ends my BBs. xo🌹