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Bachelor in Paradise- Week 2 Night 1

Week 2 Night 1- We start off with the Rose Ceremony we should have seen last week. Here’s how it goes down: Derek gives his rose to Demi, Clay to Nicole, Wills to Katie, Kevin to Sydney, JPJ to Onyeka, Cam to Caelynn, Dylan to Hannah G, Blake to Tayshia (although he likes HG and Tayshia is OVER him), Chris to Kristina (which totally blindsides Annaliese!)
Jane, Bibiana, and Annaliese are going home. Can’t say I’m gonna miss any of them! Jane I’m not even sure was ever on a Bachelor show, and Bibi and Annaliese cry too much!
So now the women have the power! Jordan arrives and immediately pulls HG. WHAT are people seeing in her?? My desk lamp has more personality!!! Jordan hears all about Blake’s shenanigans and says “He’s putting his spoon in all of the pudding!!!” Bahahaha!!! Jordan asks HG on his date and she says yes, but then thinks about it and turns him down. Meanwhile Jordan pulls Blake aside and basically tells him to get his sh!t together man!
Jordan still needs a date so he asks Nicole, who says yes. They go meet Jorge(!!!) in the jungle and go ziplining then have a chat. I don’t see a love connection.
Back to the resort and Cam is reading Caelynn this love letter he wrote her and it is SO cringeworthy! Her face shows her utter lack of interest!!! But Cam has tunnel vision and is absolutely sure he’s going to propose to Cae at the end of Paradise. Good luck with that!
Mike arrives! Yay!!! Love Mike but I have mixed feelings. I want him to be the Bachelor! I don’t want him catching some disease in Paradise! So Cam is NOT happy Mike is here and gets worried. ALL the girls are swooning over Mike! Mike asks Caelynn on his date and Onyeka (who’s crushing on Mike) and Cam are upset. Cam’s crying even!
Jordan and Nicole get back from their date and she goes right back to Clay (who’s been pretty worried). Meanwhile Mike and Caelynn’s date is going really well. They have Fake Dinner then dance and make out. He’s WAY into her and I can’t figure out why! #disappointed
Back at the resort, Wills is trying to romance Katie. He gives this speech about how great she is and she short circuits and freaks out! It was weird to watch. She turns Wills down then goes to talk to Chris who says he’s totally into Katie and they make out. WHAT?? What happened to Kristina? Things move fast in Paradise apparently!
Blake pulls HG aside to talk. He tells her he’s got himself all figured out and he’s going to pursue her. Then he asks her to dance on the beach (in full sight of Dylan and everyone). Apparently this dance move is Blake’s signature move according to Kristina and Tayshia! Lame Blake! Blake and HG start making out and Dylan’s had enough. He walks out to try and talk to HG. HG stands there like a mute with her big eyes and is just frozen. Blake’s doing all the talking for her. Eventually Dylan gets frustrated and goes back to the bar. The episode ends with Blake and HG making out. Ugh.
Till tomorrow BBs! xo🌹