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Bachelor in Paradise Week 1 Night 2

Week 1 Night 2. WOW. SO much drama and it’s just the 2nd episode of the season! And it’s messy! Ok so we begin with Caelynn STILL telling everyone about the Blake drama while Blake and Kristina are out on a date. B & K are riding in a dune buggy through mud and water and it looks like they are having a great time….until….they are talking afterwards and it is NOT going well. Kristina is all hurt about him having sex with her & Caelynn within 24 hours. Blake says he didn’t do anything wrong. UGH.
Blake and Kristina get back from their date and Caelynn immediately pulls Blake aside and lays into him for ruining her experience in Paradise. Blake is super apologetic but Cae is not having it and she’s not letting up with her teary tirade. She finally walks away crying.
Meanwhile Kristina is giving Tayshia an ear full about Blake and his transgressions. Basically at this point every woman on the beach hates Blake.
Switching gears….Wills pulls Hannah G aside and they kiss! But she’s been spending all her time with Dylan! Dylan walks up right after the kiss and he and HG go off to talk. HG tells D about Wills and his kiss.
Clay- Bibi is really into him. So is Cryer Nicole. Clay gets the date card and asks Nicole. But before they can leave Annaliese confronts Clay about her friend and Clay’s ex- Angela. Clay and Angela dated for 8 months but broke up 3 months ago so in my opinion, back off Annaliese! Annaliese is CRYING about it. SO lame!!! Clay and Nicole go to a fun carnival and make out.
The next day Blake is still crying about Kristina and Caelynn. Like, literally crying. And after I read his texts with Caelynn I feel a little sorry for him. I mean, not too much because it is GROSS to be hopping from woman to woman in such a short amount of time but Caelynn isn’t coming out looking so squeaky clean here! In the texts Cae is coming on to Blake really strongly. She flat out asks for sex and he turns her down. Repeatedly. Make of that what you will!
Cocktail Party- Caelynn is STILL talking about the Blake drama and in my opinion, using it for pity. Then she goes and makes out with CAM!!! CAM!!!! I am ill. Speaking of being ill- JPJ is making out with Onyeka! She irks me. Remember the guys have the roses this week so the women are practically desperate for roses and are throwing themselves at all the guys. Jane gives JPJ a taco and he eats it then spends the rest of the night vomiting into the ocean and on the beach! GAG!!! Are there no trash cans or buckets in paradise???
Annaliese and Chris B are making out but Kristina has her eye on Chris. Bibi is crying because she hasn’t made a connection with anyone. And that means no rose. HG tells Wills she’s into Dylan. Yay!!! But then Blake steals HG away to talk and they end up making out! WHAT??? WHY do all these guys like her?? I mean, she’s cute but has the personality of a box of hair!!! And then of course HG runs and tells Dylan Chris kissed her! WHY torture the man??? And the episode ends with HG trying to decide between Dylan and Chris and me being so over her.
Until next week BBs! xo 🌹