Disney Magic to the Bahamas?? Day 1

Day 1 Sept 29 Tuesday

Travel Day!

Left at 7:15 am.  Arrived at 7:00 pm!  The last 20 miles took over an hour due to traffic.  Florida drivers are nuts!  There were people doing 80 mph on the shoulder!

Checked in to our hotel, Hampton Inn, and met up with Amy & Kevin!   We met Amy & Kevin on our last cruise and really hit it off.  So much so that when I told Amy I’d booked this cruise they decided to come along, sans kids!

We were ready for dinner so we hopped back in the car and went to the Aruba Beach Cafe which was recommended by the front desk.  It was right on the water, loud, crowded and had great seafood!  I wish I had taken pictures at dinner but I was practically in a road coma from driving for 12 hours.  CSP’s broken foot is his right foot so he couldn’t help drive!

We went back to the hotel and were asleep pretty early.  Big day tomorrow- embarkation!