Letting Go

This is Kea Li Mei Fun Redwing. Kiki. Kiki Marie. Kiki Monkey. Baby Kiki. Squeakie. Squeaks. Today I took Kiki in to the vet for a follow up visit about her eye, but I had some other concerns. Yesterday she wouldn’t eat and overnight she threw up. She was just laying there in her bed all listless and just not herself. Dr. did some blood work and Kiki tested positive for diabetes. Dr. told us that we had 2 choices: treat the diabetes that would kill her eventually, or let her go. Let her go??? We just came in for a follow up visit!!! CSP arrived from work and the vet went over everything with him. That Kiki was elderly at 11 years old. She’s slow to heal. Prone to infection. Would require insulin shots twice daily for the rest of her life. She’s already about 95% blind as is but would develop cataracts and likely never be able to see again. That it was likely she might not make it through the night and could pass there in the veterinary hospital, alone, overnight. That it was time to let her go. We talked it over. We cried. We spent time loving on our girl. I told her how much we love her, how she’s everyone’s favorite. How in heaven she’ll see so much better and she can boss everyone around again. How all the toys there have squeakers that work. How her little elbows won’t have arthritis anymore and she can run around again. How we’ll miss her like crazy and she’ll always be my first baby. She’s my BABY. I talked to her and pet her and loved her until her sweet little heart stopped beating and mine broke in two. Then we had some alone time with her and I told her all those things again, so she’ll remember. And I told her to wait for us in heaven and that we’ll meet her at the bridge one day.

3 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. Shannon and CSP…I am so sorry. My heart hurts hearing your words that it was time to let her go. but also know that she had a wonderful life with you all and that you had the courage to do what was right by her. This is one of the hardest things you will have to do…just one because there will be more. But the beautiful thing is how much you loved her and she loved you! She was such doll. I know the others will miss her, too. I remember after my Chichi left us, I was never the same. She was my first baby. I love every single one that has come into my life, but there was something about my first baby that stole my heart and broke my heart when she had to leave this old world.


  2. Oh Honey…..I am so sorry. I feel the pain for you. They are so special. It is a love like no other.


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