beauty ho, csp


My friend Christina has opened up a Pandora’s Box with CSP the likes of which I’ve never seen.  There’s a bit of a long running joke with Christina & I about hair extensions. She has long gorgeous hair and when we were at a party once a girl commented on Christina’s hair.  I whispered to the girl that Christina had extensions but to keep the secret.  She does not have extensions.  But that’s how it started.  Lately when we’ve been discussing my hair Christina has been pushing me (jokingly I think) to get extensions.  I mentioned it to CSP.  That started a whole conversation about extensions.  Could you tell when girls have them?  Does that lady have them?  Etc.  I mentioned that quite a few celebrities have extensions and some are pretty obvious.

Well, that did it.  Now every single time a long haired woman appears on the tv screen I have to hit pause so CSP can examine her hair and ask me tons of questions and comments. “Does she have extensions?  How can you tell?  Her hair looks fake, those have to be extensions!”  How am I supposed to know if some random celebrity has extensions?  I’m not the hair stylist to the stars!  I’ve never seen a man so obsessed with hair!  We were watching Rules of Engagement last night and the actress who plays Audrey was on the screen.  “What about her?  That’s gotta be extensions.  Look how long it is and how old she is! (he thinks if you’re over 30 your hair can’t grow past your shoulders for some reason)  Now I’m suspicious of every long haired woman!”  OMG.  The man is a manager at a grocery store.  I can just see him now, walking the aisles, peering at long haired women wondering about their hair!  He’s gonna get in trouble for being some sort of hair perv!