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Mr. Feet for hands and Mrs. Claw with armless deer

I know that art is subjective.  And I shouldn’t mock art, but I just had to show y’all this!  I saw this painting on a wall in a restaurant and had to take a picture of it.  Gigi and I were out to lunch and this was on the wall at our booth.  So odd!  Click to enlarge! Why does the man have a foot for a hand?  How does he shoot his bow & arrows with his foot hands?  How does he put in his giant earrings? Why doesn’t the baby deer have front legs?  Why is the baby deer smiling in his/her sleep in such a creepy manner? Why is the woman sleeping and have claw hands?   Did FootHands shoot her & the armless deer with his arrows?  Has the woman ever put out anyone’s eye with that sharp ass elbow? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

There was another painting on the other side of the restaurant that really perplexed us too but I’ll have to get a shot of that next time.  It was a lady kneeling on the ground but they painted her toes hanging from her lady bits!