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Why you should never shop on your phone in the middle of the night

Our 10th anniversary is in just a couple weeks.  The other night I was trying to get to sleep and was unsuccessful.  So I thought I’d go online via my iPhone and see if IKEA had any new products in stock.  My eyes were finally starting to droop when I spotted the coolest gift for CSP!  A work bench for the garage. It had everything!  One of those peg board things as the back wall, nice sized work area, storage space underneath.  Plus it had some blue accents so it would match CSP’s tool box.  And the best part?  It’s only $80!  Woot! I made a mental note to get myself to IKEA asap to buy this work bench.  I clicked the option to read the details about the work bench.  I was so happy with myself.  CSP would be so pleased!  I’m the best wife EVER.  The details came up on my screen and my heart dropped as I saw these words:  Encourages role play; children develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles.  IT’S A TOY.  Daggummit!!!