Remember when we talked about The List?  Well, I have an addendum.  It’s not very often that I need to add someone to The List but I’ve recently developed an almost embarrassing cougar crush so I need to go ahead and make it official.  You know, just in case he shows up at my house and throws himself at me.  Cause there just aren’t enough pretty girls in Hollywood for him to date.  Anyway, I’ve seen this boy around here and there for years but for some reason he didn’t jump out at me until I saw the movie Country Strong. O. M. G.  He drives me to distraction.  Garrett Hedlund.  He’s from Minnesota.  So is CSP.  So maybe I have a thing for Midwestern boys.  Who knew?  All I know is that this boy, and he is SO young, like 26, he has something about him.  His voice.  OMG his voice is so deep and he can sing!  He learned to sing and play the guitar for Country Strong.  And it’s so odd cause I am NOT a fan of smokers or all that straggly hair he had all over his face during the movie but buy the end of it I was like I MUST have that soundtrack so I can swoon over him in the privacy of my own home.   I mean LOOK at him.  Look how he’s staring RIGHT AT ME.  And his smile, it’s pretty dreamy.  I’m all atwitter!

Please don’t tell CSP.  He already picks on me when ads for Jason Statham‘s new movie come on (he’s on the list).  The trailer starts and CSP goes “He’s so dreamy!”.  And he is.  But I have never devoted a blog post to him.  Garrett just flew right up the list to number one.  Although I feel like such an old perv just looking at him!  Anyway, don’t tell CSP or he’ll make me write a retraction like he did a few years ago.  Because, you know, this is the WORLD WIDE WEB.

By the way, the Country Strong soundtrack only has one song that Garrett sings so I need the More Songs from Country Strong soundtrack if anyone’s feeling generous.  I mean, I did just provide you with some serious eye candy.  You’re welcome.