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Day trippin’

Today I drove down to Columbia with Papa & Gigi to see Momo.  We toured her apartment, went to lunch, then saw I am Number Four.  During the movie Papa complained to Gigi that “Shanny’s really beating me up over here.”  Gigi said “That’s why I didn’t want to sit next to her!”  There were some scary parts!  I get jumpy! It was a good movie in a beautiful new (to me) theatre.  After we had bubble tea.  Papa’s first time- that was fun to watch!  The Bubble Tea Cafe has popping pearls!  I’d never had those before.  They were so cool- they’d pop open in your mouth and would be full of flavored liquid.

Momo’s balcony overlooks the pool.  Her apartment is WAY too nice for college kids, but that’s all that lives there!  What happened to living in a dump during college?  Sitting on a sofa you bought at a yard sale with books under one leg to keep you from tipping over?  They have hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, beautiful cabinets, and just look at this pool!   It was a warm day today so all the kids were out at the pool.  There was volleyball, corn hole, football throwing, more beer cans overflowing trash cans and littering the ground than you’d see at an outdoor concert.  There had to be 150 kids out there.  It was like a scene from MTV Spring Break.  Amazing.  How do they study??  Anyway, we had a great day then hit the road for the ride home.

On the highway on the way home we spotted:

  • a brown duck walking along the shoulder, no water in sight.
  • A bunch of what looked like fog.  We got closer and it was smoke because the median was ON FIRE.  No one around.  So weird!
  • Gigi noticed a mini van with its interior light on.  We got closer and realized the driver was READING A BOOK.  Not a map, not a piece of paper with directions.  A book.  Like a big, hard cover novel.  INSANE.