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Over the holidays I was at my friend Christina’s house for movie night one night.  Her 6 year old daughter Ella is in her first year of cheerleading.  While I was there we had this conversation:

E:  Are you coming to my first competition?

Me:  Of course I will!  I’ll yell really loud and I’ll even wear a shirt with your name on it!

Ella giggled and did a couple of cheers for me and that was the end of that.

I got a call from Christina last week.  She said Ella’s first basketball game was Saturday and was I still coming?  Ella asked Christina who all was coming and after C answered “Me, Daddy, Hudson (her brother).”  Ella said “But what about Shannon?  She said she was gonna wear a shirt with my name on it!”  Wow, that kid’s got some memory!

Her team colors are navy and yellow.  I have a navy shirt and luckily Christina had some yellow letters. She cut out E-L-L-A for me and stashed the letters with some safety pins in her mailbox.  I swung by, readied my shirt and arrived at the game in full support of our favorite little cheerleader!  She did a great job and was the cutest thing! 

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