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Bizarre birthday serenade

Yesterday Gigi, Sara & I went out to celebrate Gigi’s birthday that’s coming up on the 12th.  We went to lunch at Gigi’s favorite restaurant Red Lobster.  The entire world was waiting for a table.  We were finally seated and enjoyed a nice lunch.  Sara mentioned to our waitress that it was Gigi’s birthday.  Next thing you know a bunch of servers surrounded our booth and serenaded Gigi, but only after they placed a coffee filter on her head. WTH???  What are they smoking in the Red Lobster kitchen that they think coffee filters are synonymous with birthday celebrations??   SO random!

6 thoughts on “Bizarre birthday serenade”

  1. They did this same thing to me at Olive Garden many years back. They even brought out a little cake, but because we didn’t want to buy the cake, they took it back with them. Isn’t that weird? Bringing out a cake and then taking it away like that??


    1. It’s like a birthday hat! But………….not.

      Tammy’s story reminded me of when we went to Cheesecake Factory for Joe’s birthday. They usually sing to you and you get a free slice of cheesecake on your birthday. So they asked us if we would like dessert and we said “No” (because we thought they were bringing us a free slice of cheesecake! So they bring out a plate of whipped cream. Seriously that’s it………….whipped cream! And they had written on the edge of the plate with chocolate sauce “happy birthday joe”. SO strange!


      1. Michelle- that is bizarre too! Once CSP & I went to one of those Japanese steak houses with a big group. After dinner the servers came out with a birthday cake. But it was no one’s birthday! We kept telling them that but they didn’t believe us. Then they charged us $6.99 for the cake!


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