The Holy Grail of H20 Containment Units

People, for YEARS now I have been searching for the perfect water bottle. I drink a lot of water and have a water bottle with me at all times.  I used Kleen Kanteen for a few years but the sport cap was annoying (cricket sound when drinking) and so was the extra cost of buying a sleeve to insulate it. I’ve been having a hard time finding an insulated water bottle that’s bigger than 16 ounces. This bottle at 25 ounces is the perfect size. Big enough that I’m not constantly refilling it but it still fits in my cup holder in my car. Insulated means no sweating and my water stays cold for HOURS. I can fill up the bottle before bed and still have ice the next morning. I LOVE the cap. No sport cap, no annoying suction sounds. Love the large opening for ice. And the little screen thing keeps ice from slamming into your mouth and causing a spill. I bought the purple bottle and the color is fabulous. The price point is superb too. I’ve unfortunately paid more for less quality bottles. Oh! And the strap once you screw the lid on makes for a great carrying handle. This is seriously the last water bottle I’ll ever buy. CSP got all jealous so I bought him the blue one for his birthday.  I even talked my aunt into buying one.  So Eco Vessel, if you’re watching, I sure wouldn’t turn down a freebie!

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