CSP’s slow descent into Crazy Town

Maybe it’s all men, maybe it’s just mine, but I’m noticing some nuttiness lately that can’t be explained.  Example, the following picture: CSP doesn't want his new glasses on the interwebs This is CSP giving me the finger because I’m trying to capture for posterity how cute he looks in his new glasses.  He was convinced the picture would end up on the internet.  Well, why deny the inevitable?  Here he is, on the internet, looking smart as a whip in his new specs.   I fear he’s only a few vulgar hand gestures away from being the crazy old man on our street!  A few days after this picture was taken we were in the car. Together.  In a vehicle.  When CSP says to me “So, what are you doing for dinner?”  WHA??  Oh, well I was hoping you’d drop me off at Olive Garden and I’ll meet you back at home.  What goes through his head?  Please tell me I’m not the only one with a crazy husband out there!

2 thoughts on “CSP’s slow descent into Crazy Town”

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