Super Shanny!

I saw this on Jenny’s blog & had to jump on it.   The Hero Factory lets you turn yourself into a super hero!  If you’re a girl you apparently get a set of super boobs! 😀  I love when I have super hero dreams.  My favorite are the flying dreams.  A close second would go to roller skating dreams.  Mega roller skating though, not just in a rink but going like 90 mph.  But the flying dreams- oh how I love those!  If I were a real super hero though I’d have a couple different powers:

~invisibility ( duh)

~flight ~~but I wouldn’t just fly unprotected.  I don’t want to be covered in bugs when I get to where I’m going.  I’ve figured out that I’d have like a plasma bubble that would form around me when I’m ready to fly.  Then I have a place for my purse and water bottle.  Plus all the bugs would either hit the plasma shield or even better would avoid it altogether because of the plasma energy field.  Oh, and my plasma bubble would have a/c and an iPod dock.

~Super strength for helping people.

~The ability to predict lottery numbers.  Just the once.  A big one.  But just the one.  I won’t get greedy.

~Super Metabolism (again, duh).

What super powers would you have?

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