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Then & now

Nine years ago when I started blogging:

  • I had recently started reading these things called blogs.  The first one I really liked was LJC.   Jenny’s blog inspired me to start my own.
  • CSP & I were newlyweds of 5 months.  We were researching where to buy our first house.
  • We were also already trying to start our family.
  • The economy was booming.
  • We were weeks away from 9/11.
  • I was working for one of the biggest mutual fund companies in the world.

Nine years later:

  • CSP & I are living in our 3rd house with our 3 pugs.
  • We’re still trying to start, no, add to our family.  But we’re getting closer.
  • The economy is in the toilet.
  • I’m a homemaker now.  A not so desperate housewife.  I also do some artist type stuff.
  • CSP & I are closing in on a decade of marriage.  It’s been an awesome 9+ years.

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