Vacation brain

It seems like every time I write up a trip report I forget a few things.

  • One day at the beach I let Jacob & Joey bury me in the sand.  Oh my goodness, I got sand everywhere!  They loved it though and had  fun doing it so that’s what matters.  I swear, 2 showers later and I still had sand & sea life in all my nooks & crannies!
  • The first day we went to the beach the water was the coldest I’ve ever felt!  I run hot and I have sensitive skin so I’m used to cool showers and cold water.  But y’all, Y’ALL, I have NEVER in my life felt water this cold.  This was feet numbing frost bite conditions cold.  Insane.  By the next time we went in the water it had warmed up enough to not freeze you to death on impact.
  • I took 3 books to the OBX with me.  Apparently I thought all you do at the beach is read and I underestimated the amount of beer pong we played.  I’m a big library patron, I don’t buy books.  So imagine my horror when I accidentally got water on my book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang while brushing my teeth.  Yikes!  When I got home I ironed out the pages to try and make this brand new book look less ghetto and keep me on the nice list at the library.  I don’t think I’ve been blackballed just yet.  Whew!