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Learning to fly

In my heart I am very organized.  In reality that isn’t always the case.  Quite a few years ago I found the Fly Lady and I’ve gone back and forth with her.  I don’t agree with all her practices (she’s anti yard sale and I’m not) but she has great principles and you can tell she’s incredibly kind hearted.  She really encourages her followers.  What finally really clicked with me was her tools.  A few months ago I bought a few of her tools and I’ve been hooked.  She’s right- the right tools make all the difference.  The Fly Lady doesn’t know me from Adam and she doesn’t know I’m writing this.  I am not getting compensated in any way for this post (although I certainly wouldn’t turn down some freebies!). You know I like to share my favorite things with you so that’s what I’m doing.

My favorites:

  • The Rubba Scrubba– only $4.95.  This thing is amazing.  I bought 2.  One for upstairs and one for down.  I bought it after I read a testimonial that it worked wonders on shower door tracks.  It does.  What I love is that it doesn’t splatter stuff all over.  The little rubber nubs are tough enough to get the job done and flexible enough that it doesn’t spray gunk everywhere like nylon bristles can.  I use it on everything.  It gets pug hair off the furniture.  It cleans my stairs.  And of course, my shower track doors.
  • The Detail Duster–  $9.95. This is a mitt you wear to dust.  It’s amazing.  I quit buying Swiffer products when I realized I was just paying money for my own garbage.  Anything disposable can’t be good for your wallet or the environment compared to permanent items.  This duster goes right in the washing machine when I’m finished with it.  It has 2 sides: a flat side -perfect for the tv screen, and the fluffy side which is great for dusting everything else.  Dust doesn’t fly around anymore.
  • Fly Lady Mop.  I replaced my Swiffer sweeper & Swiffer wetjet with this mop.  You can use it dry or damp.  The microfiber cloths go right into the wash to use again. LOVE this thing.  And it’s sturdy.  Oh, and the handle is adjustable.  I can make it short for when I’m leaning over getting underneath things or stretch it out long to clean the ceiling fan blades.  The cloths trap dust better than any swiffer cloth and I’m not adding to landfills.
  • I saved the best for last.  My favorite product is the Purple Rags in a Bag set. You get 3 cloths for $9.95 and it comes in a mesh bag for washing.  Now, I HATE the word Rag and it took me  a good while to bring myself to pay money for something called a RAG but I kept reading about how amazing they were.  So I bought my first set.  Then quickly bought a couple more sets after that.  You wash them in your clothes washer when they are dirty and dry flat or hang to dry.  Anything you would use a paper towel for you use your purple cloth for instead.  And you don’t need chemicals.  You can clean your glass doors, windows, mirrors with no streaks just using a purple cloth and water.  These things are miracle cloths.  One side is kinda smooth and the other side is ridged so you can really scrub with them.  I swear they clean everything. I keep at least one with a bottle of Windex in every bathroom and in the kitchen.

I haven’t bought this next item but if I were just starting out with bringing my own bags I certainly would.  I have  a TON of reusable shopping bags so I don’t need to add to the collection, but this set is VERY reasonably priced and the quality is apparently superb (based on testimonials). You get 3 purple grocery bags and 2 black insulated bags for just $10!!!  I’ve paid almost that amount for one bag (before I rediscovered Fly Lady).  All of her prices are reasonable.  The shipping is super fast.  And I truly believe that when you have the right tools it makes all the difference.  I never wanted to clean before.  But now I do.  Well, let’s not go crazy, I’d certainly rather have my man servant take care of the cleaning but since he hasn’t materialized it’s still up to me.  And now it’s much more fun!