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Vet check

We took the pugs for their adoption physical Wednesday and like most things in our life, it was pretty entertaining!  We were really excited to see how much weight the girls had lost.  At their last annual check up we were told that Molly & Kiki needed to lose some weight.  So we stopped buying pre-made dog treats and started giving them carrots and green beans instead.  And it worked!  Kiki weighed in at 16.2 lbs which means she lost 1.2 lbs.  And Molly weighed in at 21 lbs which means she lost 4!  Woot!   Such supermodels!  For the record, Zoe gained just .1 lbs which was just fine because she was still growing and is now at a perfect weight.  Our vet was very pleased with our girls.  We’ve been going to Dr. Martin for years, for the pugs’ entire lives.  And our girls LOVE Dr. Martin and her staff. LOVE. Just look at Miss Zoe getting lovies from Brandy the vet tech. Zoe LOVES going to the Vet! Click to enlarge. That thing Brandy is sitting on is an adjustable scale.  It starts out on the floor so they can weigh big dogs.  Then Brandy tapped the foot pedal thing to raise it up then they can use it as an exam table. As soon as Brandy hit the pedal and the thing started raising up Zoe ran and jumped up on the scale and rode it all the way up like some sort of amusement park ride!  Brandy’s eyes got big as dinner plates.  She told us that was a first, no dog has ever done that before!  Leave it to my Zoe!

Then it was Molly’s turn to get checked out.  She’s covered in moles and skin tags and little warty looking things so they really go over her with a fine toothed comb. Molly getting a lump aspirated at the vet. She’s not crazy about this part.

Since the pugs did so well at the vet we took them to Bruster’s to get doggie sundaes.  I love that Bruster’s does this!  The sundaes are free.  They are a little scoop of vanilla ice cream with a milk bone.  They pugs went nuts!  I’d have taken pictures but it was a mob scene in the truck as soon as we gave the girls their sundaes.  But here’s a pic so you get the idea. After ice cream we stopped by the store so CSP could run in and pick up something.  I snapped the cutest pic of Molly & Zoe looking out the window, watching out for their daddy. Molly & Zoe waiting for Daddy. They're on the lookout! Kiki meanwhile was snoozing in my lap.  They all had a big day and were exhausted by the time we got home.  Our sweet girls!