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Following the vulture

The other day we walked out to the car and there was a lady and a toddler in our driveway.  I said hello and she said “Oh, hi, sorry, we’re getting out of the way.  We were just following the vulture” and she picked up her son and walked away.  I didn’t see a vulture anywhere so we just got in the car and left.  We had a full day of errands including a vet appointment for all 3 pugs (more on that later).  We were in and out of the house all day.  At about 7 ish we pulled in to the driveway and my neighbor C, along with a bunch of kids came running over.

I got out of the truck and they were all so excited to tell me what we’d just missed!  Apparently that lady really WAS following a vulture!  A vulture had hurt its wing and was strolling around our neighborhood.  C saw it chilling on our porch, hopping up on our truck (!) and generally just tooling around. She called Carolina Raptor Center to come out and rescue the vulture.  In the meantime C gathered up some neighbors and they cornered the vulture, covered it with a blanket to calm it, and  put it in a box to wait for the raptor people.  C showed me the pictures she took of the whole adventure.  I’ve stolen a couple to show you! Here he is in front of our other neighbor’s house.  And here he is in his rescue box. Who knew we even had vultures in our hood??  I’m so proud of C & her kids for rescuing this guy!

5 thoughts on “Following the vulture”

  1. I’m glad they were able to catch it so it can be treated. Did she say that it was a fairly easy process? How’d they capture it?


  2. Wow, vultures in your neighborhood? That’s crazy! But great that they were able to get him some help for it’s hurt wing!


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