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Maxed out

CSP & I went to see How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX 3D the other night.  I had already seen this movie in regular 3d for Momo’s birthday and I couldn’t wait to see the difference IMAX would make.  I called the theatre and asked the theatre man what is the difference between regular 3d and IMAX 3d.  Previously my only IMAX experience was at Discovery Place in their dome.  I knew that our local theatre didn’t have a dome so I was really curious how they did this.  The theatre man said that the IMAX screen was 30% larger than the standard cinema screen, that they project with 2 projectors instead of just the one, and that the sound is just amazing.  If you go to our theatre Monday- Thursday it’s only $5.  Then you have to add the 3d charge to it ($5) plus the IMAX charge ($2).  Not cheap, but we don’t do IMAX often. That’s why we planned on going during the week.  If we’d gone on a weekend it would have been like $17 each!

CSP had never seen a 3d movie so this was exciting all around.  I was really curious to see what the difference would be between the 2 movie experiences, but wow, I was blown away! First of all, the sound was amazing!  You could feel the bass all up in your body!  Then the colors!  OMG the colors!  In regular 3d Toothless (who I adore and want as a pet) was black with a little silver.  In IMAX he had green and blue and purple in his scales too.  Gorgeous.  The details were amazing too.  I noticed skin freckles and scars and hairs that I didn’t before.  Fibers in their clothes.  Highlights in their hair. Textures in their clothes and surroundings.  Plus somehow the 3d seemed even more come out and getcha!  The whole thing was just amazing.  Plus CSP loved the movie too.  We had a great time.  For that price seeing an IMAX movie is definitely a special occasion thing.  Unfortunately the 3d gave CSP a headache and he declared himself a 2d man from here on out. Sigh.  Oh well, he does call me a techno geek, and I guess the name fits!

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  1. 3-d made me kinda sickish too.. a little nausiated. Jasmin says “3d is totally unnecessary”
    we saw toy story 3d. but I bet one with a lot of action would be fun. maybe I will take caitlin!


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