Eye yi yi!

My poor Kiki had an ordeal recently. My girl Kiki is so brave on the way to the vet. I noticed her eye was cloudy, just the one, so I called the vet the next day. They said keep an eye on it and if she started scratching at it or anything changed then bring her in. Otherwise we could wait until her scheduled adoption physical on the 28th. That was Friday. By Sunday morning she was squinting and her eye was runny. I took her to the emergency vet and they said she had been poked in the eye. That it was fairly common for pugs with their sticky outy eyes. Luckily we’d never had a problem with any of our pugs’ eyes. The vet said she could have gotten it poked at any time: jumping up on the sofa or exploring under a bush. Poor thing! Her eye was all swollen. They sent us home with 2 types of eye drops and some pills. I spent the next 24 hours putting drops in her eyes every hour. We were both exhausted by the end of it! I took her to our regular vet on Tuesday and she was on the road to recovery. We go back Wednesday with the rest of the pugs for their adoption physicals so she’ll be declared completely healed then. Whew! I was so worried about her!

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    1. The pugs have to be checked out just like us for our adoption. We have to turn in a report with all their vaccinations, etc with our homestudy. They don’t want to place a child in a home with a rabid dog!


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