Tick tock

I stopped wearing a watch a few years ago.  They never got me anywhere on time!  But they sure are cute.  If I were to start wearing watches again I’d buy one of these women’s watches from Ice. I love all the selection Ice has.  I especially love that you can shop online.   Ice watches were featured at Basel World 2009.  Here’s the video where you can see some of their fabulous timepieces!  

It’s so important to buy a high quality watch.  CSP can’t seem to find one that will stand up to the abuse it would take at work.  He’s tried wearing watches to work before but they can never seem to stand up to working at a grocery store.  These Ice watches not only look so cool, but they are high quality so you know they’d hang in there with you through thick and thin.

No one wants a watch that can only look pretty while you’re sitting around!  People are active, they need a watch that can keep up with them! But you still want variety and style.  I just love Ice’s Love collection.  So cute!  Of course I’m also partial to the neon aqua watch in the Neon line.  So many stylish choices!

I bet if I got one of the Ice watches I’d be staring at it all the time.  And if I was staring at my watch all the time then maybe I’d be on time!  Hmm, my birthday is coming up, better put an Ice watch bug in CSP’s ear!