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New favorite thing

When I can’t fall asleep easily I doink around on my phone.  Recently I started playing Charadium.  SO fun!  Basically it’s a Pictionary type game.  Draw and guess.  You play with people you know or with people from all over the world. It cracks me up some of the things people say.  There have been a couple times now when a player has drawn waffles when the word was ego.  Ha!  One player was trying to get us to guess China and she wrote “It’s a continent”.  Ha!  I was trying to draw a gorilla once and it was just awful.  I could see a gorilla in my head but just couldn’t translate that to the screen.  The result was a psycho looking teddy bear.

The app is free and my name is heyshanny if you wanna play!

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  1. Oh, if only I had a fancy phone…I could definitely see getting addicted to that app too!
    Stop by my blog when you have a chance – I gave you an award! : )


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