Earth Day Idea for you!

Recently I read a post on Jenny’s blog about this cool clip for your reusable shopping bags.  I thought it was a great idea.  We take our bags shopping and they can take up a ton of room in your buggy.  Then when you get to check out you have to dig them out of the buggy to start bagging.  Annoying.  So I loved the clip idea.  You clip your bags on the outside of the buggy while you shop.  We don’t have a Wegman’s here so I needed to come up with a different solution.  I remembered that CSP has a bunch of those carabiner clips, like this: So I took one with me to the grocery store the next time.  I used it to clip my bags to the outside of the buggy.  Yay!  It worked great!  So easy.  And free!  So go get you some reusable shopping bags and a clip!  I love the bags we’ve gotten from and Baggu bags.  You can also find reusable bags for sale at most retailers now.  Happy Earth Day!

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