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Lil Killers

First let me just say that Facebook is the ultimate blog killer.  I blame FB for my lack of posts here.  It just feels redundant sometimes when all y’all know what’s been going on because of FB.  Sigh.

Anyway, Friday night CSP & I went over to Sara & BIL’s house for the evening to visit.   Jake & Joey say the cutest things and they had a ton of fun comments for me that night.  Before we arrived Sara told the boys to move their scooters out of the driveway.

Sara: Aunt Shanny’s coming soon, you better get your scooters out of the driveway.

Jake: I will later, she’ll be late.

(that kid knows me too well!)

Later, Sara & I were  watching America’s Next Top Model.  Joey was curled up on the sofa with Sara while Jake was playing on his computer in his room.  He came out asking Sara to sign him up for some kid’s game website.

Jake:  Pleeeease Mom can you come put in your email?

Sara:  Jacob why don’t you just come snuggle up on the sofa with us?

Me:  Yeah, Jakey don’t you want to be in here where you can enjoy me?

Jake:  Well, I’d rather be in there enjoying that.


Later we were outside hanging out.  The boys had already cut off my arms and legs and head.  I was playing dead when I heard Jake yell “Let’s burn her eyes out!”  OMG!  He’s only 7!

2 thoughts on “Lil Killers”

  1. Totally. I hate that about FB. But I do like keeping up with the blogless on it … Plus, I’m busy as hell.

    I always love to hear what kiddos come up with. No one gives ’em enough credit … they are way too sharp!


  2. Yes, FB has killed alot of joy out of many blogs. Most people like FB as it is easier to post and check up on friends. We are choosing to keep up the blog as it is my journal, photo album and correspondence with family….. at least we a still trying to keep up. We don’t post as frequently but I think that is due to a three year old running around the house!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy


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