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It’s coming right at me!

Thursday Momo came up and met me to have a little sister date.  We had a quick dinner at my favorite Mexican joint where all the waiters drooled over Momo the whole time.  Then we zipped over to the dollar store for movie candy before going to see Avatar in 3d.  OMG this movie is just fabulous.  I want to see it again! I can’t remember if/when I’ve ever seen a 3d movie in the theatre before.  Thankfully they’ve moved on from those red & blue saran wrap paper glasses.  We were given black Risky Business glasses with clear lenses.  I swear I just wanted to climb into the screen and live on Pandora.  I loved all the glow in the dark stuff! So good.  I’m glad we waited to see it after the crowds died down cause I went straight into my ugly cry.  Momo & I had a great time.  I love spending time with her!

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