Lost and found, safe and sound

We’re really hitting our stride in our adoption classes.  At Saturday’s class I noticed at least 3 people didn’t show up.  They also didn’t come to the Monday night class, so I’m guessing they dropped out at this point.  Saturday we talked all about loss, grief, attachment, and discipline.  These poor kids go through so much.  Our teacher is fantastic.  She had us go through this exercise to put us in the children’s shoes as they are ripped from their homes, usually by police officers, put into foster care, become part of a new family for a year or more then get sent back to their own homes or to an adoptive home.  And these are just kids.  They don’t understand. No matter what’s happened at home (abuse, whatever) it’s still home.  At least until they become apart of a new home. We’re so excited to finally become parents that it’s easy to forget that they won’t be nearly as excited to come live with us.

We also talked about safety and all the inspections our home will have to go through.   Our house is gonna look like a Motel 6!  We have to mount a ginormous fire extinguisher in our downstairs.  Plus evacuation routes have to be posted outside of the bedrooms.  Then Monday night we had blood borne pathogen and medicine administration training. We are going to be the safest joint around!

2 thoughts on “Lost and found, safe and sound”

  1. I really wish ANYONE who was about to become a parent had to go through those classes. Wouldnt that make a lot on sense?

    Im so excited to see what little person God is going to send you. Ive already been praying for them.. that they will find thier way to you safe and sound. That he will hold them through the time between thier birth and thier safe arrival in your arms! 🙂


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