In the meantime…

We’ve been home a week and I know, I know, I still don’t have all my pictures edited and I’ve yet to blog word one about Vegas.  But I’ve been busy being sick.  In Vegas a couple of funky symptoms popped up having to do with some of my lady lumps.  Once home I have just been exhausted.  I mean, can barely hold my eyes open.  I made doctor appointments but Tuesday night things got a little scary.  I was shaking, dropping things, could barely stay awake.  So CSP took me to the ER where they diagnosed me with mastitis, gave me some antibiotics and sent us home.  Wednesday we saw an OBGYN who said it’s NOT mastitis but fibrocystic breast disease.  She scheduled me for a mammogram & an ultrasound for the girls, told me to start taking vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil and sent us home.  I became a little overwhelmed that night.  I mean, really?  Another disease?  My bubbies are purely decorative.  HOW could they be diseased?  I’m so frustrated & tired of being in pain!  I had myself a good cry and begged Lola & Trudy not to go into the light (had to name them finally, since they’ve been the center of attention lately).   I’m not convinced that I have the fibrocystic breast disease.  Seems my most disturbing symptom (which I am NOT going to post on the internets) doesn’t affect most people with the disease.  Plus, it just all came out of nowhere.  After my test results come back next week if I’m still not satisfied with the diagnosis I’ll get a 2nd opinion.

In the meantime, when I can stay awake long enough I’ve been editing our pictures.  Over 300.  I’m about a third of the way through.  But I promise to tell you all about Vegas, baby.  Soon.  Hang in there.  Like Lola & Trudy.