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Vegas: Sights

One of the things we were most looking forward to on this last trip to Vegas was seeing all the new hotels that were built since our last trip. We were especially wanting to see the Wynn & Palazzo. They did not disappoint.  **photos after the jump. click to enlarge**

We went to the PalazzoThe Palazzo in Las Vegas through the Venetian. Palazzo in Las Vegas The first thing you notice when you walk in is that the air smells like a fresh, clean flower, even in the casino where people are smoking.  You don’t even smell the smoke.  It’s awesome!   I love all the  parasols in the Palazzo. Umbrellas in the Palazzo in Las VegasUmbrellas & fountain in the Palazzo in Las Vegas And all the fresh flowers.Flowers in bird holders at the Palazzo in Las Vegas It’s all just so gorgeous.

You can walk across the pedestrian bridge from the Palazzo to the Wynn. Wynn & Encore in Las Vegas The Wynn has a big water feature just outside of its casino entrance.  Lots of people taking photographs there.Fountain at the Wynn in Las Vegas We went in through the Esplanade entrance. The Esplanade is their shopping mall. Gorgeous ceilings. Ceiling in the Esplanade at the Wynn in Las Vegas So many chi-chi shops. All empty. We’d pass the shop entrances and the shop workers would be standing in the doorways looking at us. All tall and intimidating and probably European. Sorry, Lars, we’re in a recession and I’m not in Vegas to spend $2500 on a pair of sunglasses! On the way to the casino we passed the lobby. The Wynn in Las Vegas Stunning. The Wynn is really a photographer’s delight. My favorite part was the twinkle light gardens. Twinkle light garden at the Wynn in Las Vegas So beautiful. I want to go back and get married there! But I’m already married and CSP told me to get a grip.

More photos here.

Next up:  Vegas Icons!

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  1. Beutiful photos! We did do a little shopping. Terry bought me a wallet from Coach, and he got some clothes for work from Express. And we both got some clothes from Gap and Urban Outfitters. Fun! I also got some perfume from Sephora.


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